Two ideas worth promoting

New details of his program to get America back on track were explained Saturday by presidential candidate Donald Trump.

Reining in the costly expansion of the federal government is part of Trump’s plan.

To that end, he would, if elected, mandate a freeze on hiring new federal employees. Critical arms of government, including the military, law enforcement and health care would be exempted.

Another important idea voiced by Trump during a speech in Gettysburg, Pa., is requiring that for every new government regulation, two old ones must be rescinded.

Irresponsible. Impractical. Impossible. The predictable reaction from the liberal big government crowd already has been making the rounds.

Of course, Trump’s thought is that reducing the cost to Americans of bigger, more intrusive government is the most responsible philosophy in the world.

But think about this: What evidence is there that Trump’s plan would not work? After all, it is an agenda that has never been tried in Washington.