Remembering Florida in 2000

A candidate for president unwilling to accept the results on election day? Horrors, cried supporters of Hillary Clinton and many in the news media on Wednesday night.

They were reacting to Donald Trump’s answer to a question during the televised debate between him and Clinton. Asked whether he would accept the outcome of the election if Clinton wins on Nov. 8, Trump said this: “I will tell you at the time. I’ll keep you in suspense.”

Trump was asked the question because of his comments the election is “rigged” in Clinton’s favor.

His answer — and it is important to note the two sentences above were all he said — resulted in a sky-is-falling-reaction.

The Associated Press wrote that Trump’s answer was “threatening a fundamental pillar of American democracy …”

Obviously, one reads what he or she wants to into much of what Trump says. But what about not accepting results of an election?

What about, for example, Al Gore in 2000, when Election Day results showed he had lost the presidency to George W. Bush? Gore alleged the election had been rigged in Florida. He sent platoons of lawyers to court in an attempt to overturn the election. Not until a month after the voting did the U.S. Supreme Court finally settle the matter.

On Wednesday night, Clinton termed Trump’s answer “horrifying.” There is no record of her having said the same thing about Gore.