Ginter for state representative

State Rep. Tim Ginter, a Salem Republican, is opposed in his bid for re-election by Democrat John Dyce of Guilford Lake.

For the most part, there are few differences between the candidates. They both agree that the drug problem currently facing Columbiana County should be the top priority for the state representative’s office. They both believe charter schools should be held accountable and both agree that public schools deserve more equitable funding. They both see the need for more LGF funding returning to the county.

The main difference between the two is that Ginter already has his freshman term under his belt. He hit the road running during his initial term and now has a list of accomplishments to bolster his re-election chances.

Ginter started the ball rolling to tweak the state school funding when he learned that several Columbiana County districts would be losing money in the new state budget, and he was successful in getting the formula changed so that funding would be more equitable in this school year as well as in the future and that no one would lose money. The formula previously favored larger school districts with higher enrollment, but now more adequately reflects a district’s capacity to raise revenues locally.

He was the primary sponsor of House Bill 116, that synchronized medication pickup dates, to help senior citizens and others who are prescribed two or more medications for chronic conditions.

Other legislation he sponsored included House Bill 512, which reduced the notification time from 30 days to two days after a public water source is found to be contaminated by lead. This was in response to the lead-contamination problem with the village of Sebring’s water source.

Ginter supported the legalization of medical marijuana, the humane disposal of aborted fetal remains, the defunding of Planned Parenthood and restricting Syrian immigration.

Ginter already knows the ropes in Columbus, and has worked hard to represent the philosophies and stance of Columbiana County residents.

That’s why we believe he deserves a second term to continue to serve our county at the state level.

The Morning Journal editorial board endorses Tim Ginter for re-election.