East Liverpool

— While on routine patrol on Sept. 14, an officer observed a male driving on West Eighth Street and notified dispatch who confirmed driver had an active warrant. The officer conducted a traffic stop and took the driver into custody. First Class towing impounded the vehicle.

— An officer was dispatched on Sept. 14 to Sophia Street for a male subject to be removed from the residence. Upon arrival, the officer spoke with a female who stated she had a verbal argument with her boyfriend and wants him to leave. She also stated that he was refusing to leave and locked himself in the basement. Female is aware that since he lives there, she would have to go through the courts for an eviction. Officers advised her that if an event occurred where she needed the officer’s help to call back and they would respond.

— Officers were dispatched on Sept. 14, to Laura Avenue for a vandalism complaint. When the officer arrived, a male said he had video of another male throwing a sandal on the hood of a vehicle. The officer saw the sandal on the vehicle but observed no physical damage. Officers spoke to the male who threw the sandal and he appeared to be having a mental breakdown. The male become very upset and angry stating the neighbors (referring to male who called police) are waking him up every morning. The male began yelling and screaming. Officers warned him to stop several times. He then ran over to neighbor’s door and started head butting it. Officers were able to calm him down, then he told officers he was going to kill himself. The male was placed in the patrol vehicle and transported to the police department where EMS arrived to transport him to the hospital for evaluation. He was issued criminal charges for obstructing official business.

— Officers responded on Sept. 14 to a report of a female lying on the ground outside her vehicle on Pennsylvania Avenue. Upon arrival officer made contact with the female who stated she was upset due to a death in the family. Officers transported the female to her Alpha Street residence and released her to her mother.

— Officers were dispatched on Sept. 15 to a Market Street apartment for a welfare check on a female. Officers escorted the female’s son into the residence after he advised them he had not heard from his mother in three days. The son noticed the front door unlocked. Officers located the female in her bedroom lying in bed, cold to the touch. The officer believed the female passed away from natural causes in her sleep. Lifeteam EMS arrived and contacted the coroner’s office.

— Officers on Sept. 15 spoke to a female who told them that she recently went to court for a female being involved in her son’s death and that since then, the female’s father has been driving past her house real slow, looking toward her house and has been flipping her the finger when he sees her outside. The female stated that she is afraid of what he may do and believes that he is trying to intimidate her. The officer advised the female that a report would be done and then asked when this was taking place and she stated all the times of the day and then stated that his dad sold his house so he has no business driving past her house. Officers advised her to contact the prosecutor.

— Officers were dispatched on Sept. 15 to a Wilbert Avenue resident for a someone assaulting a female. When officers arrived, they were advised by the female that another female’s daughter walked past her and threw a peach at her and she wanted it documented for CMHA. Officers talked to the female and her daughter and advised them not to go back to the female’s house and if they did someone would be charged. Officers were dispatched back to the residence a short time later where the female who called showed them a video of the mother threatening her. The mother was cited with a minor misdemeanor for disorderly conduct. The other female was told to return to her apartment in the 200 section and if she came back to the 400-section causing any type of issues she would be cited as well.

— Officers took a complaint from a female who reported a juvenile who worked for her at one point was sending harassing texts to her and other employees. An officer spoke to the juvenile and told her to stop or criminal charges would be completed.

— Officers responded on Sept. 15 to the YMCA for a report of two individuals living outside the rear of the building. Officers did speak to the chief operating officer who stated she no longer wanted the individuals on the property. Officers later made contact with one of the individuals and advised her never to enter the premises or charges could be filed. The other one will be advised when he is located.

— Officer responded on Sept. 19 to a Wilbert Avenue residence in reference to two small juveniles being left alone. The officer made contact with one juvenile at the apartment who walked the officer down to where his mother was just around the corner from her apartment. The other juvenile was with the father who also was there at Woodland Hills along with other family. This report will be forwarded to CPS.

— Officers on Sept. 19 spoke to a female in reference to a set of missing keys. According to the female, her keys were hanging on a “hook” in the commons area of the Market Street Lofts. The female informed the officer that the apartment manager has surveillance footage of another resident taking the keys. However, she wouldn’t release the name to her, rather encouraged her to file a police report. The female stated without her keys she had to forcibly enter her apartment and, in the process, damaged the door and lock mechanism. She wanted this incident documented and the responsible party held accountable for her damages which totaled $800.

— Officers were in the area of state Route 7 North in reference to Weirton police having a theft involving a black Dodge Charger bearing an Ohio registration that just fled in the vehicle from Steubenville police heading north on state Route 7. Officers stayed in the area and had negative contact with that vehicle.

— Officers responded on Sept. 19 to a Third Street residence where a female juvenile stated her father was damaging her property. Upon arrival, officers spoke with the female who was sitting outside her home. She is currently on probation and under house arrest through the Columbiana County Juvenile Court. She stated that her father was being unreasonable, he was in her room damaging her personal property and at one point while she was attempting to make tater tots, he tossed the entire air fryer out the door into the yard. An officer spoke to the father who stated she is being very belligerent and disrespectful toward him. She refuses to do what she is told to include not attending school regularly. He stated there were no threats or anything physical. He had just had enough of the defiance. However, he is not giving up on her. Officers explained this incident would be documented and forwarded to her probation officer. In the meantime, both parties were going to remain in separate parts of the home for the remainder of the evening.

— An officer on routine patrol on Sept. 20 observed a male who he had previous knowledge that he has an active warrant through the Columbiana County Sheriff’s Office. The officer stopped the male who was walking on foot on Anderson Boulevard. The officer asked the male to show identification which he advised he had none and provided the officer with his brother’s name and date of birth. The officer was given consent to search the person and located a glass pipe with a burnt end and small bag of unknown substance. The male was placed into custody for drug paraphernalia.


— Officers responded to a residence in the 200 block of Ohio Avenue at 4:22 a.m. Thursday for a verbal dispute. The caller said that the man at the residence would not let her inside the house. Officers spoke to the man and advised him he can’t keep her out of the residence. The man said they got into an argument and she went outside so he closed the door. Officers advised both parties to go back inside and just stay away from each other for the rest of the night.

— Officers responded to a residence in the 400 block of East Fifth Street at 1:51 a.m. Thursday for a domestic dispute. Officers spoke with both involved parties and advised both parties to stay in separate rooms for the remainder of the night.

— Officers spoke by phone to a man at 8:05 p.m. Wednesday about a woman that keeps calling him. He said she had called her 10 times in the last 30 minutes. Officers contacted the woman and advised her to stop calling the man and she said she would.

— While on patrol in the area of West Wilson Street and Newgarden Avenue at 7:19 p.m. Wednesday officers located a man with an active warrant. Officers confirmed the warrant and placed the man, John Soldo, 49, under arrest and conducted a search of his property, finding contraband and money inside the man’s bags. Officers turned the contraband and money over to the Columbiana County Drug Task Force before transporting Soldo to the Salem Police Department for the booking process. He was later turned over to the Columbiana County Sheriff’s Office.


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