— A Salem teen was charged with setting a fire on private property in June. The 13-year-old then allegedly placed a tire on top of the fire, further igniting it. The child had reportedly failed to complete fire school in Stark County at the time of filing.

— A 16-year-old has been charged with damaging property owned by the Columbiana County Juvenile Probation Department in late November. The damage is estimated to be valued at $1000 or more. The teen is also charged with damaging their ankle monitor bracelet, which was later recovered in a backyard.

— In Salem, a 16-year-old is charged with obstruction after allegedly fleeing from law enforcement officials.

— An East Palestine teenager faces two charges including theft and obstruction after an incident at Rite Aid Pharmacy on Nov. 17. The 15-year-old is accused of shoplifting a three pack of condoms from the store, which the teen denied when apprehended by police. This is reportedly the fifth time this year where the teen has been accused of theft.

— A Columbiana County 16-year-old girl is charged with unruly behavior after leaving her home on Nov. 18 without adult permission. The teen then allegedly failed to return home nor did she advise her parents or guardians as to her whereabouts. The judge ordered a warrant in regards to the case.

— After an incident on Nov. 17, a Leetonia teen is charged with verbally abusing officers with profanities while exiting a school bus in the vicinity of the school or a school safety zone. The 15-year-old allegedly was also in possession of a vape pen at the time.

— A Salem teen who didn’t come home after school has been charged with being an unruly child on Nov. 18. At the time of the filing the 16-year-old had reportedly been located and no warrant was requested.

— A 12-year-old in Perry Township is facing charges after allegedly threatening to kill another person on Nov. 12. The report states the child is known to possess knives.

— In Salem, a 14-year-old is charged with making threats after reportedly telling her mother she would burn down the house on Nov. 10. The teen had just been returned to the home by police in response to a missing persons report.

— A teen in Lisbon is facing three charges after a Nov. 13 incident. The 16-year-old allegedly struck his mother in the stomach who then required medical attention. The teen also is reported to have struck and injured his brother with a wooden object. Additionally, the teen is charged with resisting officers at the scene.

— In Lisbon, a 17-year-old faces charges of violating terms of probation from April 3, 2020 after a complainant reported that the student had been truant from school for multiple days between Sept. 17 and Oct. 29.

— A 15-year-old who said she lost an electronic monitoring device belonging to Columbiana County Probation Department on Nov. 2 is now facing charges. The teenager continues to run away according to the report.

— A representative from Columbiana County Department of Job and Family Services said a local teen left her home on Oct. 30 without adult permission and then failed to let her parent or guardian know where she went. The 15-year-old teen faces charges after the disappearance and the judge issued a warrant regarding the case on Nov. 3.

— An area teen, age 15, is facing two counts of delinquency after a disturbance at the Louis Tobin Attention Center on Oct. 21. The teen reportedly banged his head off a door several times, breaking a window at the juvenile center.

— In East Palestine, a 14-year-old is charged with truancy after allegedly missing 35 days of school during the months of August to October.

— A Salem teen is charged after an alleged fight broke out between the 14-year-old and another individual on April 19. The report did not note if there had been any injuries in the incident.

— After allegedly striking another person repeatedly on Sept. 10, a 13-year-old in Columbiana has been charged. The report did not note any injuries.

— After a complainant said a Columbiana County teen violated the terms of their June 19, 2018 probation, the teen faces charges for missing multiple days of school in September and October. The 17-year-old student also allegedly tested positive for THC according to the report filed on Oct. 25.

— A teen in Lisbon is charged after being involved with a verbal and physical altercation at a football game on Oct. 1.The report did not note if the 14-year-old had injured any party involved in the incident.

— A teen in Columbiana County has been charged after allegedly missing 32 days of school. The student, age 17, was reportedly truant between Aug. 26 and Oct. 21.

— A Salem teen, age 16, has been charged after an incident on Jan. 3 where he allegedly sexually assaulted another individual.

— In Lisbon a 14-year-old was charged with sexually assaulting another person on September 17. The report says the teen was told to stop but he refused.

— A 13-year-old faces three charges of delinquency in St. Clair Township after allegedly bringing a knife to school on Oct. 22. The day before the incident, the report said the teen had sent violent threats to another person via SnapChat. The report states he gave the knife to another student when he began to fear he would be caught in the subsequent investigation.

— In St. Clair Township, a 14-year-old allegedly helped hide a knife being sought by authorities in connection to an Oct. 22 incident. Another student is charged with bringing a knife to school after making violent SnapChat threats the day before.

— The judge issued a warrant Oct. 22 regarding the case of a Salem child who left home without permission. The 13-year-old has allegedly failed to return home since or notify her parent or guardian of her whereabouts.

— October 21, a Columbiana County child who is 12 years old was charged after leaving home without permission on Oct. 20 and failing to return to their parent or guardian. The judge issued a warrant in connection to the case.

–A 16-year-old in St. Clair Township has been charged with two counts of delinquency after allegedly breaking some dresser drawers by throwing them and causing damage to the doorway and walls. The teen also reportedly threw glass objects and clothing among other items and grabbed her mother by the wrists. No injuries were noted in the report.

— In Lisbon, a 15-year-old has been charged with violating terms of release filed earlier in the year on May 11. The Oct. 18 report says the student has failed to charge her ankle monitor, been truant from school multiple days and then ran away from home on Oct. 16. The judge ordered a warrant be issued in connection to the case.

— An 11-year-old from Beaver Local Middle School is charged after reportedly missing 188.5 hours of school, amounting to nearly 30 days, since August. The report was filed Oct. 8.

— A St. Clair Township teen allegedly failed to obey school officials then fled the school on Aug. 31 and has now been charged with unruly conduct. The 13-year-old, who was also found to be in possession of two vape pens during the incident, had recently completed a diversion program in the summer regarding their alleged disinterest in school.

— A 13-year-old in Columbiana has been charged for an incident that left another individual with a skull fracture. On Aug. 26, the child allegedly struck the victim and caused the injury.

— According to an Oct. 14 report, a child in Lisbon is charged with violating his probation terms from Nov. 9, 2020 after refusing to go to school for three days in October. The 13-year-old, who had been in court for a hearing on Oct. 4, also allegedly violated the terms of his house arrest on Oct. 6.

— An incident Sept. 30 at Utica Shale Academy in Salineville caused irreparable damage to a wall and now a 16-year-old student faces charges. The teen allegedly threw a laptop owned by the school against a wall, as well as a chair.

— On Oct. 9, a 14-year-old was charged after allegedly violating the terms of her April 23 probation. The child in Lisbon had been living at the same residence as the victim after having been placed there by the court due to prior acts of violence. No injuries were noted in the report; however it did state that the child had been sent home from school a couple days prior due to another physical altercation with a fellow student.

— A Wellsville child of unspecified age has been charged and a warrant has been issued after an incident on Oct. 7 left one person injured. The child allegedly struck another individual in the face, causing injury. The report noted that the child was not located by police after the incident.


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