— A juvenile court-appointed guardian called Wednesday to report she uncovered something troubling while performing a home visit on Metz Road. The guardian was there to check on a school-age girl, and when she arrived the girl’s mother said her daughter was in school. The guardian asked to see the girl’s bedroom and and found an 18-year-old boy on the bed who the daughter had met online. The mother ordered the boy to leave, which he did. The guardian contacted the girl’s probation officer and told her to file a report with the sheriff’s office. The terms of the girl’s probation prohibit the girl from having contact with the boy.

–A deputy was called to the dog pound on Wednesday after the county dog warden said there had been a man sitting in her SUV. The dog pound is located across the parking lot from the county jail, and the deputy recognized the man from the jail lobby. The man told the deputy he had just been released from jail and the dog warden offered to give him a ride, but the dog warden said she had never seen him before. About this time the man’s father arrived to pick him up, and the deputy told her to stay away from the dog pound or the next time he would be arrested.


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