Municipal Court

LISBON — In county Municipal Court, Justin R. Barrett, 34, Laura Avenue, East Liverpool, was bound over to the grand jury on charges of tampering with evidence, resisting arrest and obstructing official business for allegedly refusing to identify himself or follow orders of police officers in Wellsville investigating a reported abduction of a girl on May 27 and allegedly destroying a clear pipe with white residue in the vehicle he was riding in.

A July 11 pretrial was set for Emily E.E. Andrews, 23, Louisville, charged with OVI first offense and failure to control.

Franklin Humphrey, 62, U.S. Route 30, Hanoverton, was fined $775, had his license suspended for a year, required to attend a three-day counseling program and ordered 40 hours community service for OVI first offense and marked lanes.

A June 24 pretrial was set for Beth Ann Emerick, 52, Garfield Street, Lisbon, charged with domestic violence for allegedly hitting her husband, George Emerick, in the face with grill cleaner on Tuesday.

A June 24 pretrial was set for George Emerick, 46, Garfield Street, Lisbon, charged with domestic violence for allegedly hitting his wife, Beth Ann Emerick, with the sharp end of a grill cleaner slashing her chin..

Patrick J. Cleary Jr., 36, Brookfield, was fined $180, required 25 hours community service, credited with a day in jail and sentenced to three additional days in jail for driving under OVI suspension and speeding.

An Aug. 5 pretrial was set for Timothy W. Tomor, 43, Highland Avenue, Salem, charged with driving under suspension and failure to control.

An Aug. 6 pretrial was set for Toddy Kniseley, 30, Warren, charged with driving under suspension and speeding.

Carl A. Williamson, 36, U.S. Route 30, Minerva, was fined $150, credited with a day in jail and required 30 hours community service for theft for loading a metal laundry cart from the Salem Laundry Room into the back of a Chevy Trailblazer on Nov. 29.

David L. Mills, 22, Park Street, Leetonia, was fined $150 for disorderly conduct amended from public indecency for exposing himself while a pizza was being delivered on March 6. Mills had stated he forgot his zipper was down.

Charges of two counts domestic violence and two counts of criminal damaging against Kolton J. Smith, 21, East 11th Street, Salem, were dismissed. Smith allegedly choked Charity Todd, leaving swelling, bruises and redness in April, the same day he allegedly grabbed Todd’s iPhone XR, valued at $750, from her hand and threw it causing it to shatter. Then after being released two days later, Smith was accused of going after Todd again, dragging her up some stairs to get into the house and punching her in the face, before pulling her phone out of her hand, placing it on the floor and stomping on it.

Two counts of assault were dismissed against Charity M. Todd, 19, Salem-Unity Road, Salem, who had been accused of hitting Kristen Schafer in the back of the head with a socket wrench and in the face several times with her fist. Additionally, Todd had been accused of striking Kyler Smith several times with her elbows while trying to get keys from him and scratching him on his arms several times. Both assaults were alleged to have happened on April 25.

A charge of possession of a drug abuse instrument was dismissed against Ashley M. Messenger, 29, Cunningham Road, Salem, after it was later determined the driver of the vehicle where the syringes were found gave a false name.

Cortni D. Rankin, 28, Cricket Lane, Columbiana, was credited with seven days served in jail, fined $150 and required 25 hours community service for theft for taking a torch lighter valued at nearly $11 from DP Fuels on April 26.

Charges of failure to pay city income tax and failure to file a city income tax return were dismissed against William Emplit, North Street, Homeworth, after the city of Salem reported Emplit is now in compliance.

Bruce A. Mackall, 67, New Springfield, was required 25 hours community service for driving under suspension.

Joshua Alexander Green, 39, Pittsburgh, Pa., was fined $150 and had his license suspended for 180 days for possession of marijuana.

Logan Phillip Stewart, 23, Jefferson Avenue, Salem, was fined $150 for possession of marijuana.

Jesse D. O’Hara, 21, Beaver Falls, Pa., was fined $100 for possession of marijuana.

Taylor Biles, 25, Akron, was fined $100 for possession of marijuana.

Dallas Navarro, 20, West Park Avenue, Columbiana, was fined $100 for possession of marijuana.

Rafael Angel Herrara Calel, 41, Columbia Street, Salem, was fined $50 for no license.

Moises Juarez Quixan, 23, Cedar Ridge Road, Salem, was ordered to pay costs only for driving under suspension.


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