County Sheriff

–A person by the name of Stacey reported seeing a car pull into the Winona Methodist Church parking lot on Winona Road, Butler Township, at 1:42 p.m. Thursday and three men got out, one of whom asked to use the restroom. When a church employee told them no, they left but not after lingering for a few more minutes.

–Deputies responded to a domestic dispute on McCracken Road, Salem Township, at 2:55 p.m. Monday, where a woman reported the man who lives there, who has dementia, was upset with because she makes him come with her when she goes shopping. The man believes he can be left alone but agreed to let the woman care for him.

–Mike Lansberry reported that Monday the repair shop at XL Sand & Gravel, state Route 170, Negley, was broken into and the ATV inside was missing.

–Wilbur Anderson, Kelly Park Road, Fairfield Township, reported a salesman came to his door about 10:30 a.m. Monday, and Anderson told him he could not afford to purchase the product he was selling. The salesman was persistent but Anderson still refused. The salesman then began to open the screen door, saying he needed to use the bathroom, and Anderson closed the door. The person then left in a grey pickup truck. Deputies patrolled the area but did not come across the truck.

–Linda Savich, Poland Road, Unity Township, reported Monday a flag was stolen from her front yard.

–Carl Burkey, First Street, Hanoverton, reported Monday his son was receiving unwanted messages on his phone from unknown sources. He was advised to contact the phone provider and have them change his number.

Highway Patrol

— Richard K. Sullivan, 59, Johnson Road, Lisbon, was southeastbound on Glasgow Road in Madison Township at 5:43 p.m. Monday and went off the left side into a utility pole. He was cited for failure to control.

— Sandra G. Butcher, 65, Rose Drive, Lisbon, was turning right from a private drive onto state Route 45 in Center Township at 3:42 p.m. Monday and failed to yield and struck Charles B. McGraw, 58, Vale Street, East Liverpool, who was southbound on state Route 45. Butcher was cited for right of way.

— Isaac Sell, 45, Sell Road, Lisbon, was northbound on Campbell Road in Hanover Township at 3:18 p.m. Sunday and went off the right side into a fence and a utility pole. He was cited for failure to control, seat belt and OVI and taken to the St. Elizabeth Hospital with serious injuries.


–Brenda Fry, East Washington Street, reported Monday being harassed by someone she knows who has taken photographs of her at church and sent them to her. Police contacted the man and told him to stop. He denied taking photos.

–Police were called to the Hornsby House at 11:10 a.m. Monday, where resident Richard Lips had been yelling about being made to clean his apartment. Lips apologized and agreed to cooperate.

–Travis Wallace, South Lincoln Avenue, reported a pit bull has been going to the bathroom in his yard, which is a rental property. Police went to the home next door and spoke to Melissa Rapp, who said she was watching the dog for a sick friend. Rapp was told about the leash law and told to clean up after the dog or risk being cited.


— Patricia Edgell, North Middle Street, reported at 5:34 p.m. Monday she wanted James Rivera removed from her home. Rivera was gone when police arrived.

— Someone reported anonymously at 4:24 p.m. Monday they found drug paraphernalia in their home.

— A Howard Street woman reported at 4 p.m. Monday she received a package from a person she doesn’t know and wasn’t sure how to handle the situation. Police told her to return the package to the sender.

— Police spoke to the driver of a vehicle on East Park Avenue at 8 a.m. Monday after a school bus driver reported they went through the stop lights. Police found it appeared to be a misunderstanding and no citation was issued.

East Liverpool

— Responding to a Laurel Lane residence for reports of a possible fight, an officer was speaking with the female involved when another officer saw Jerry M. Mellott, 39, of that address, sit down on the mattress and conceal what appeared to be a marijuana cigarette underneath the mattress. Upon investigating, the officer reported finding under the mattress two marijuana cigarettes, several pinch off baggies and a digital scale. Mellott was charged with two counts of possession of marijuana.

St. Clair Township

— Officers responded to Verizon Wireless, state Route 170 for possible fraudulent activity, with employees saying a woman came in asking to add two iPhone 8 Plus items to her account, totaling nearly $1,900. She gave employees a phone number, name and driver’s license with a photo of a Philadelphia resident and, when asked why she was in this area, said she was interviewing with Stanley Morgan. When the employee was in the inventory room getting the phones, a manager told him the woman fit the description of a woman who had tried to fraudulently obtain phones at the Niles Verizon store, so they called police. Officers called the account owner, who said no one had authority to use it. A New York learner’s permit was provided to police by the woman customer, naming her as Jasmine Imanuel but she gave her last name as Wright, according to reports. She was arrested for falsification under the name Jane Doe.

— Officers were dispatched to an Annesley Road residence for someone entering who was not welcome, and were told by resident Chelsea Baker she had returned home to find two women she knows leaving her home. She had spoken to them earlier and told them they would have to wait until she came home for them to retrieve some belongings of theirs at the residence. She went to the store and, returned to find them leaving with clothes in their hands. She didn’t believe anything of hers to be missing.

— Officers responded to the Smith Oil gas station on East Liverpool Road where an employee, Nathan Blakeley, was reported by customers to be falling down and acting strangely. When asked by officers if he had a problem, Blakeley denied it, saying he didn’t know why anyone would complain. Two hours later, officers received several more complaints about him and returned, asking if he was on any kind of medication or abusing any illegal substance, which he denied. Manager Scott Tanner was called and advised Blakeley that the owner said he needed to go take a drug test in order to keep his job, but Blakely refused and was terminated, according to reports.

— Rachel A. Ansell, 37, Clinton, Pa., was at the traffic signal at state Route 170, and made a left turn onto Dresden Avenue when James C. Kittle, 50, state Route 267, East Liverpool, who was eastbound on state Route 170, struck the passenger side of Ansell’s vehicle. Lori A. Kittle, 49, a passenger with Kittle, was taken to East Liverpool City Hospital by North Star ambulance, but three other passengers were not injured. No citations were reported.

Perry Township

— Police responded to the 500 block of Stewart Road after receiving a call at 3:57 p.m. Monday for a possible scam. A resident reported receiving two phone calls from people stating to take them off the calling list. She had no idea what they were talking about. An officer told her to talk with her phone company and document any further phone calls.

— Police conducted a well-being check at 3:03 p.m. Monday in the 1100 block of West Perry Street where the resident in question said he was fine, just that when he went to take a nap he shut his phone off. He was given the phone number for the nurse who was concerned. He said he would get in touch with her.

— Kaylin Cadile, 24, of Cliff Drive, Salem, was cited for assured clear distance ahead after her vehicle struck another vehicle from behind. The other driver, Devin Wuthrick, 24, of Hartley Avenue, Salem, was stopped in traffic northbound, waiting for a vehicle to turn into the Freshmark employee lot on South Lincoln Avenue at 11:52 a.m. Monday.


— Police were called at 10:16 p.m. Monday to the 200 block of Rose Avenue for a female having medical issues. Fire department first responders also were there and officers stayed on the scene due to two small children in the residence until a relative came to take care of them.

— A woman in the 600 block of Prospect Street reported criminal damaging and theft at 9:41 p.m. Monday, with police gathering information and searching the area for further damage. Police also checked with the victim to make sure nothing else was missing.

— Police responded at 8:42 p.m. Monday to the 800 block of East Sixth Street for a depressed male who mixed prescription medication with alcohol. Fire department first responders and KLG were on the scene and he was taken to Salem Regional Medical Center.

— Police investigated a 911 hangup call at 7:55 p.m. Monday in the 800 block of South Lundy Avenue. Both the homeowner and a neighbor said no calls were made.

— A caller at 7:10 p.m. Monday reported a tractor trailer traveling south on South Lincoln Avenue in violation of the city ordinance restricting truck traffic from traveling off of state routes. The truck could not be found.

— An employee of Speedway, 175 W. State St., turned over a recovered item at 6:40 p.m. Monday. Police will keep the item at the station until the owner can claim it.

— Police checked on a car alarm going off at 6:14 p.m. Monday in the 800 block of Fair Avenue. The owner said he lost the keys and can’t get the alarm to stop. He was told about the complaint and that the alarm cannot continue to go off through the night.

— A woman reported at 5:27 p.m. Monday that her son has been renting a room from a man in the 900 block of West Pershing Street and now the man wants him out of the residence without notice. An officer responded to speak to the homeowner who was told it’s a civil issue and he’ll have to properly evict the woman’s son through the court. After speaking with the subject, he said he wanted to leave the residence and was given a voluntary transport to the police station to await a ride.

— A lost juvenile, a male with brown hair, was reported lost in the area of Southeast Boulevard and Edgewood at 3:43 p.m. Monday, but was not found.

— A woman reported at 1:07 p.m. Monday that while working her shift at Salem Regional Medical Center, a male patient began to talk to her and advised he knew a lot about her. She was concerned that he knew so much about her and she did not know him at all. She wanted the incident documented and wanted an officer to speak with him. An officer spoke with the male and he said he thought he knew her and her family and did not mean to cause any problems.

— A caller at 12:38 p.m. Monday reported a male going through a dumpster beside a business in the 2300 block of Southeast Boulevard. Nobody was found.


— Police responded to the 100 block of Main Street at 11:40 p.m. Monday after receiving information from the Columbiana County sheriff about a juvenile making suicidal remarks. Police met with the male juvenile and did not see any indication at the time that he was in danger of hurting himself or others. When police returned to the station, the original complainant advised that the juvenile made a statement through “snapchat.” The message had been erased and the complainant could not send it for verification. The complainant was advised that police spoke with the juvenile and everything at the home appeared normal.

— Police responded to a loose animal complaint on Beeson Mill Road near High Street at 3:08 a.m. Tuesday. The animal was located and a large fenced in pasture with other animals was observed and police attempted to corral the animal into the area through a gate. An officer was heading to the residence when the animal proceeded to push through the fence and ran out into the pasture, ending the call.


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