County Sheriff

— Mark Williams, Pleasant View Drive, Lisbon, reported fireworks at 10 p.m. Saturday. Deputies went to a home on Hunter’s Camp Road regarding the noise complaint and found a large group of people in a field near the house. A backyard fireworks display was taking place around a large bonfire. Deputies told Kurt Whitman to stop setting off the fireworks, which were disturbing the neighbors.

— Kathy Hunt, no address listed, reported a man walking out in front of traffic in the area of state Routes 154 and 11 at 10:19 p.m. Saturday. Deputies found David B. Turley, Churchill Road, Lisbon, walking along the westbound berm with a van following him. He told deputies he walked away from an argument at home with his wife. While he was walking, a vehicle swerved off the road as if to hit him and he had words with the people in the car. He said he was just walking to clear his mind. Deputies drove him back home and warned him about the dangers of walking along a state highway after dark.

— Two vans were spotted parked along County Home Road near the Tobin Center at 9:01 p.m. Saturday, when a deputy drove by transporting an inmate to the Columbiana County Jail. It appeared there were two women and two men sitting along the creek near the bridge fishing. They were gone when a deputy returned.

— Deputies were called to the Italo’s plaza in Center Township after a tractor-trailer stopped with a utility pole and wires laying on the back of the trailer at 10:32 a.m. Monday. The driver was still inside the cab, but was told he could get out after the power company de-energized the power lines. The driver said he delivers to the meat market several times a week and always pulls around behind the plaza then exits onto state Route 45 after the delivery. However this time the utility pole fell on the trailer.

— Dameon Welsh at the Rogers Group Home reported at 4:03 p.m. Saturday a boy arrived at the facility earlier in the week and as the staff was processing the suitcase his caseworker from Tuscarawas County brought for him, they found a 4-inch kitchen knife, a shot glass with a white substance, pieces of tin foil, the bottom portion of a pop can, a box of prescription cream, a small red pouch with change and the same white residue, a cigarette filter and about one cup of a cream colored powder with a measuring scoop. Deputies took the contraband to have it analyzed to see what substances were there.

— McKenzie Wilkes, McCracken Road, Salem, reported at 4:40 p.m. Monday she is being threatened and harassed by her ex-boyfriend Cameron Crowl. He allegedly was texting other people to make death threats toward her and texting her from another number, because she blocked his number. Deputies tried to call Crowl, but received no answer.

East Liverpool

— Called to Erie Street for a breaking and entering in progress, officers were met by several people pointing toward Maryland Avenue, saying the suspected person had run that way. Officers located Shawne Boyer, 44, no address listed, who told them he had been invited to his friend’s house and then the neighbors began chasing him down the street. Officers reported Boyer had blood running down his arm. They went back to the house, where they found a window broken and the back door having been struck with a cement block and the window broken. The home owner said no one had permission to be inside the home. Another bystander, Eric Wilson, said he saw a guy walking around the back of the house then heard loud bangs and glass breaking. Wilson went around back and saw the guy go inside, so he lit some firecrackers and threw them at the door, causing the intruder to run out and down the alley with Wilson chasing him. Boyer was charged with burglary.

— Officers responded to the area near the Newell Bridge for a man sitting on the curb, refusing to leave. He was identified by officers as Luke Bowers, 21, no address listed, and they said he tried to walk away from them but was staggering. When asked what was wrong, Bowers reportedly said it was none of the officers’ business and he wasn’t saying anything else until his mother arrived. After he refused to give his name several times, Bowers was charged with disorderly conduct and obstructing official business.

— Amy L. Desimone, 46, no address listed, was charged with theft after reportedly being seen stealing merchandise at Giant Eagle and placing it into a bag. The items were valued at $88.11.

— Officers reported confronting Larry Bowers and Gloria Flaherty, no ages or addresses listed, behind 1641 Pennsylvania Avenue after witnessing suspicious activity. The previous day, officers reported, three people had been arrested at the same address after a drug-related incident. Bowers told officers he had driven Flaherty there but he wasn’t exactly sure why. They both were told to leave and not return.

— Theresa Emmerling, no address listed, reported she discovered two checks from her mother’s checking account had been cashed by an unknown person. One was for $400 and the other for $250.

— Officers were approached in the Giant Eagle parking lot by Maroda R. Dobritz, no age or address listed, who advised her 17-year-old cousin, who is staying with her, had text to say she had tried to hang herself but the belt broke. Officers said the text also said the girl had taken some drugs. An ambulance was dispatched to the Ravine Street address, where the teenager was belligerent and agitated, throwing her phone and screaming that she wasn’t going anywhere, according to reports. She had to be handcuffed to be restrained and was transported by North Star Critical Care ambulance to the hospital, where she continued to be combative and had to be physically and chemically restrained. Officers were able to reach her guardian, who came from Monaca, Pa. to the hospital.

St. Clair Township

— Krista Baust and Attmed Alwisah of Three Brothers car dealership, St. Clair Avenue, reported two people had taken a vehicle for a test drive at 10 a.m. and had not returned it by 6:12 p.m. As officers were gathering the information, Tracy Keener drove in with the vehicle and said the other person, Ricky Anderson, had asked her to return it as he was in Robinson Township, Pa., and could not do it himself.

— Racheal Nightingale, Y and O Road, reported a portion of her fencing for her horses had been damaged. The officer noticed tire tracks leading to the fence post from the neighbor’s driveway and surmised an ATV may have been used to ram the fence.

— Officers responded to a domestic dispute on St. Clair Avenue, where they spoke with Theresa Feathers, who said she and her boyfriend, Dan Fewton, had been arguing since morning. She said he had thrown her clothes all over and shoved and pushed her. Fewton said a verbal argument had led to Feathers punching him in the eye and trying to pour bleach on him. He told officers he just wanted her to leave. Feathers discovered as she was leaving that her vehicle had been scratched, as with a key.

— Michael O. Metz, no address listed, reported he was kayaking on Beaver Creek between Grimm’s Bridge and the Ohio River when his kayak flipped, causing him to lose hi Smith and Wesson .40-caliber firearm.

— A vehicle driven by Bruce A. Hawkingberry, 30, Harker Avenue, East Liverpool, traveled across state Route 170, striking the rear of a vehicle driven by Dennis W. Stoddard, 66, Cora Street, East Liverpool. No injuries or charges were reported.

— Elisha J. Binder, 18, Calcutta-Smith Ferry Road, pulled his vehicle from a parking lot onto Calcutta-Smith Ferry Road, striking an eastbound vehicle driven by John G. Shreve, Calcutta-Smith Ferry Road. Binder was cited for failure to yield. No injuries were reported.