Real Estate

Butler Township

Ronald Merino to Adam and Tawnya Philips, home on U.S. Route 62; $178,000

Center Township

Norma J. Smail to Let Me Think LLC, home on Elmwood Drive; $83,050

Jennifer L. Klingaman to Sam Sacconi II, mobile home Trinity Church Road; $220,000


Michael J. and Susan A. Mansfield to Charles and Diana L. Wilkinson, home on Parkview Drive; $250,000

Frank C. and Lori A. Osretkar to Hector M. and Michelle L. Meza, home on Seventh Street; $185,000

East Liverpool

Chauncey Roseberry to HIR Property Management LLC, home on Surry Road; $56,600

HIR Property Management LLC to Dylan G. Jones, home on Surry Road; $149,900

David B. and Karen A. Kelly to Machelle and Mike Theis, two-family dwelling on Sixth Street; $136,400

Rexall W. Yeater Jr. to Larry M. Davis, home and commercial land and improvements (including all residential property) owned by a public utility other than a railroad on Fourth Street; $37,500

Sandra L. Dickey to Brittney and Jared Moffett, home and other residential structures on Fairmont Street; $92,000

East Palestine

DSG Rentals LLC to Tamarah Darlene and Matthew E. Luketic, home on Clark Street; $79,900

East Palestine

Ruth Ann Broadbent to Ronald and Mary Desellem, home on Clark Street; $89,000

Palestine LTD to Meadowview Family Housing Limited (apartment complex 40 or more) on Washington St.; $1.257 million

David R. and Luanne P. Ehrenberg to Nancy A. Hostetter, home on Martin Street; $115,000

Rebecca K. Smith to Brianna M. Horvath, home on Park Avenue; $140,000

James L. and Sharon L. Kachelries to Loretta Kunkle, home on Martin Street; $147,000

Elkrun Township

Stefan M. Guy to Brandon A. Gibson, home on state Route 45; $154,000

Wilmer J. and Marie Shaum to Legacy Lands LLC, 223.309 acres on state Route 558 and 154; $1 million

Hanover Township

Mitchell S. McGuire to Mark and Brenda Renicker, .315 acres on Hillcrest Avenue; $38,000

Knox Township

Kimberly Orner to William E. and Marlene Parkison Jr., mobile home on Bowman Road; $170,000

Jason A. Vankirk to Huntington National Bank, home on Hartley Road; $175,739

Mark A. and Joanne M. Frank, 128.391 acres on Bowman Road; $827,840

ALDV LLC to Powers Family Investments LTD, commercial warehouses on US Route 62; $279,400

Terry L. and Nrom Blickensderfer to Adam J. Shaver, 4.201 acres on Bowman Road; $21,005

Terry L. and Norm Blickensderfer to Ronald D. and Lauren L. Kehl, 24.699 acres on Bowman Road; $22,535

Terry L. and Norm Blickensderfer to Lauren L. and Ronald D. Kehl (trustees), 20.192 acres on Bowman Road; $140,000


Sandra J. Sichau (trustee) to Yankee Holdings LTD, home on Elm Street; $120,000


Connie L. Shive to McKenzie N. Villatoro, home on East Lincoln Way; $157,000

Salem Community Hospital to Michael J. Smith, medical clinics and offices on East Lincoln Way (Family Healthcare); $99,000

Blocksom Family Irrevocable Trust to Mindy J. Michael, home on East Washington Street; $110,000

Liverpool Township

Charles D. Smith II to Brian L. and Michelle R. Reynolds, other residential structures on Carolina Avenue; $10,000

Robert D. and Vickey L. Curtis to Robert F. Curtis, home on Irish Ridge Road; $80,000

Madison Township

Mark W. Light to Jodi K, and George R. Torkoly, home on Lones Road; $83,475

Harold Feezle and David Smith to Thomas H. Weaver Jr., home on Pancake Clarkson Road; $66,700

Middleton Township

Harold R. Feezle and David Smith to Thomas H. Weaver Jr. and Cher DiMarzio, home on Pancake Clarkson Road; $66,700

Perry Township

Virginia M. Wright to Spiros G. and Nichole Arvanitidis, home on Southridge Drive; $279,900


Tom McGuire and Steven I. Jenkins to Thomas and Marth and Mark Rhodes, home on Orchard Street; $102,500

Ray L. Johnson to Tamra Marie Moore, home on Woodland Avenue; $85,000

Lee W. Benner to EL Venture Investments LLC, home on Washington Avenue; $20,000

Robert and Stephanie Lutz to Lori Whitemen, home on North Ellsworth Avenue; $175,000

Robert and Stephanie Lutz to Lori Whitemen, home on North Ellsworth Avenue; $175,000

Robert Mark Hall to Barry L. and Linda S. Baddeley, home on West Pershing Street; $7,000

Loren O. Lazear (trustee) to Jeffrey R. and Bernadette L. Braucher, condo on Monroe Street; $86,000

Fred W. and Martha L. Flory to David L. Sanford, home on Jennings Avenue; $52,500

Cindy L. Peck to Wilmington Trust National Association, home on Olive Street; $20,000

Florence G. Pittman to Zachery Penick, home on Eastview Drive; $161,000

C I Ohio LTD to First Place Housing Solutions LLC, other commercial structures on Lincoln Avenue; $95,000

Keith Allen Parker to George and Tamara Kalamets, home on Orchard Bend Drive; $315,000

Salem Township

Brandon J. Veiock to Cody J. Geer, home on St. Jacob Logtown Road; $170,000


Barbara J. Parks to William J. Emplit, home on state Route 39; $120,000

Barbara J. Parks to Mark D. Pezzuolo (trustee), home on state Route 39; $110,000

Darrell Cassidy to Donald and Gertrude Benedict, home on East High Street; $17,000

St. Clair Township

Noah S. and Janelle Skrinjar to Debra A. Monzi, home on Calcutta Smithferry Road; $294,000

Shashi Batish (trustee) to Anthony J. and Pamela K. Puorro, .86 acres on Davis; $23,900

David R. and Jennifer L. Edgell to HIR Property Management LLC, 2.5 acres on Stagecoach Road; $35,500

Unity Township

NEO Group I LLC to Nose Investments LLC, home on Jimtown Road; $350,000

Southwest Stage Funding LLC DB to Ashley Cresanto, mobile home on Bacon Avenue; $137,959

Washington Township

James R. and Tracy L. Beadnell to Keith Hetrick, other residential structures on Fouundry Hill Road and Wood Street; $145,000


Deborah Clark to Zackary T. Thrasher, home on Commerce Street; $110,000

Roy Watkins Jr. to James S. Culp, home on Lincoln Avenue; $117,000

Cheyenne Corbin to Draven E. Crow, home on Lincoln Avenue; $50,000

West Township

Ronald E. and Loretta L. Mangun (trustees) to Richard T. and Barbara R. Caufield, 10 acres on Lowmiller Road; $110,000

Velma L. and Melissa G. Ronches to Joshua D. Smiley, home on Rochester Road; $500,000


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