Columbiana bolsters school building security

COLUMBIANA — The city school district is implementing more safety measures for the new school year.

During this week’s board of education meeting Superintendent Don Mook said the district is able to provide more security cameras at all buildings through a state safety grant.

The grant was split three ways, with $50,000 each going toward security upgrades at the elementary, middle and high school buildings.

The grant also allowed for the purchase of window and door film for the front doors of each building. Window film provides a layer of protection by allowing those inside a building to see outside while the view is obstructed for anyone attempting to see inside.

Other safety measures not covered by the grant include updating the existing Threat Extinguishers at each building and updating hand-held walkie talkies.

Threat Extinguishers are tactical grade pepper spray canisters that can be accessed similar to fire extinguishers in the event of a emergency.

Mook said the district has also selected its second School Resource Officer. Jake Kellner will join Rich Burbick as a fully armed resource officer this month.

The district decided last month to bring on a second resource officer.

“We sincerely appreciate the board of education’s commitment to secure a second resource officer for the next two years,” Mook said.

In other business during the board meeting, the board approved:

— The resignation of Pauline Bellos, individual aide.

— Stephanie Patrick as elementary teacher.

–Meg Silver as assistant music director on a shared contract with Richard Ulam.

— Larry Baughman, Kelley Quigley, Gail Siembida, Autumn Howell, Rebecca Rupert, Kenijo Wood, Kristine McKee and Kelly Sauerwein as substitute support staff.

— Larry Baughman, Haylee Baughman, Leia Baughman, Shelby Baughman, John Davies, Lori Dota, Melanie Helper, Lisa Malcomson, Lori Stouffer, Nancy Tirpak, Anita Webber, Jim Webber, Kristen Caldwell, Mary Calinger, Karen Clark, Cindy McCoy, Ron Moser, Jennie Passmore, and Bonnie Wilkinson as athletic department game help.

— Requests for change in salary for Joni Campbell, Lauren Halverstadt, Ryan Holmes, and Cristina Oslin-Beggs.

— Cafeteria pricing for the 2022-23 school year.


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