Community Corner

Tops 2231

Tops 2231 met on July 5 at Boyce Church Anna St. with leader Tonnie Slagle presiding. The meeting opened up with the pledge of allegiance and Top and Kops roll call. Pam Fouse gave the secretary report and Cassie Stephens gave the treasurer report . Both were approved as read.

Penny Perorazio was the Tops best loser. Jo Ann Beresford was the Kops best loser. Jean Ferrebee and Verla Betteridge has three weeks weight loss. Kops in leeway are Dottie Seevers, Betteridge, Slagle, Stephens, Beresford and Ferrebee. The no no’s are Ice Cream. Slagle won the calorie charts, dimes were held over and Fouse won the 50/50.

Winner of the Fibbing Contest are Beresford, Wanda Price, Jerry Kontnier, Betteridge, Tammy Heddleston, Perorazio. Slagle closed the meeting with Prayer requests followed by the Lord’s Prayer. New and former members are always welcome on Tuesday at 11:00. For more information call 330-383-8217.

Tops 1957

Tops 1957 from Wellsville met on June 28, at the Living Well Church with leader Barb Tranter opening the meeting with pledges, roll call and then Diane Carnegie led the group in prayer. Tops best loser was Barb M, and Kops best loser was Alice Eckstein. The dimes will be carried over until next week. Barb M was the Tops best loser for the month of June. Nancy Hart won the decorative flag that was donated by Mary Jarvis. The Nono for the week is potatoes and pizza.

Donna Lee gave the treasures report and Brenda Young read the minutes. Both were approved as read. Barb Tranter opened the floor for nominations for elections. Donna Lee is the new leader, Mary Jarvis is the co-leader, Barb M is the new treasurer and Brenda young is the secretary. All officers were elected and voted on by secret ballots.

August 2, will be installations. Peggy Kiddey and Peggy Imburgia were appointed as weight recorders by Donna Lee. Barb Tranter read a funny joke and then she closed the meeting wishing all a good week.


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