Perry Twp. plans spring cleanup

SALEM — Perry Township residents needing to get rid of some old furniture and other household items can drag a pile to the curb for the annual township spring cleanup from April 4-14.

Trustee Vice Chairman Jim Armeni announced the dates during Monday’s trustee meeting, noting that the cleanup this year is a little different because they’re not doing separate pickup times for north and south.

The plan is to start April 4 and have all the unincorporated areas of the township picked up by April 14. All items must be placed out by April 12 to guarantee pickup by April 14. Highland Creek and Pembrooke will be done on April 13.

Brush will be picked up separately and must be bundled. Armeni said no tires will be taken this year. He also reminded residents that leaves are only picked up in the fall, not in the spring, so leaves should not be placed out at this time.

Only one pickup load will be picked up per household, with items able to be lifted into the truck by one person. Hoses and cords must be tied. No garbage, glass, propane jugs, air conditioners, anything with freon, televisions, computers, paints or chemicals will be accepted.

Trustee Tony Ieropoli said a lot of residents put out old furniture, junk tools, kids toys and other types of household items.

Information about the cleanup will be posted on the township website also at www.perrytownshipsalemoh.org

Speaking of cleaning up, the trustees may be sending some bills to AT&T for hazardous tree removals on Painter Road and Egypt Road after they reported getting nowhere with company representatives regarding some trees lying on wires over the roads.

Fire Chief Doug Messimer asked if there was any way the township could force AT&T to take down one tree in particular on Painter that’s leaning against the wire overtop of the road. The fire department keeps getting calls about the hazard and he turns it in to AT&T and nothing is done. Ieropoli said he’s made several calls recently to AT&T about the issue and gotten no response. Armeni had also called and gotten nowhere. He suggested embarrassing the company.

Trustee Chair Steve Bailey said maybe it’s time to just call a tree removal company and take care of the issue. Once the township gets the bills, they can attempt to get reimbursed. The road foreman will be contacted to call for a price.

Armeni said the road crew did some cleanup on the banks of Egypt Road and several culverts due to heavy rain. The workers also finished tearing down the home purchased off of Depot Road and clearing the property, which is next to the south station. They’ve been filling potholes, too, and gone out at least five times in February for snow and ice.

Under new business, the trustees agreed to move road worker CJ Dawson from probationary full-time to regular full-time status retroactive to Feb. 15 at the rate of $19.36 per hour.

The next meeting will be 4 p.m. March 28.



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