Real Estate


Ronald and Jessica L. Kollar Jr. to Bruce Cameron and Sharon Souder et al, home on Old North Street; $151,000

Holdings Columbiana Heck LLC to Columbiana Leasing LLC, light manufacturing and assembly; $1.8 million

East Liverpool

Aaron Scott McDole to Ronald W.M. Boyer, home on Minerva Street; $10,000

Jo Ann Chadwick Geis to Robert C. Chaffee, home on Oak Street; $9,000

Charles H. Johnson to Daneil Savors, home on Idaho Avenue; $45,000

Brenda L. Kraft to Brodie A. Bittinger, home on Globe Street; $75,000

Patrick R. Gordon to Lakeview Loan Servicing LLC, home on Vine Street; $28,333

Dawn Brewer to Phillip Andrew Jones, home on Sophia Street; $5,000

East Palestine

Thomas G. Bica to Lisa Williams, home on Glenwood Avenue; $90,000

Donna L. Veon to Gary J. and Carol Ann DeMarchis, condo on Claybrook Drive; $175,000

Paul and Luann Kraus to Alex M. Finch, home on Martin Street; $122,400

Timothy S. and Jennier Dobbins to David and Brittany Bryson, home on Sumner Street; $165,500

Robert T. Figley Jr. to Austin Huffman, home on North Avenue; $60,000

Elkrun Township

Mary F. Cunningham to JL Contracting & Remodeling LLC, home on state Route 45; $38,000

Fairfield Township

Gail I. Siembida to Joshua and Crystal Siembida Boggs, home on Lower Elkton Road; $160,000

Bonnie L. Geary (trustee) to CBMC Properties LLC, commercial garages on state Route 344 (Geary’s Towing and Auto Service); $504,000

Knox Township

Ag Pro Real Estate Investments to AGNL Tractor IV (KY, OH) LLC, automobile sales and service on U.S. Route 62 (former Cope Farm Equipment); $4.084 million


Chris Jaquette to Strong Family Investments LLC, home on Maple Street; $39,930

Logan Kress to Samantha D. Smith, mobile home on Maple Street; $80,000

Liverpool Township

Dorothy Spangler to Matthew S. Cain, home on Seventh Avenue; $110,000

Joshua A. and Jennifer E. Reed to Cody J. and Alana R. Reese, home on Fisher Avenue; $105,000

Madison Township

Craig Allen and Diane M. Thomas to Craig Scott Thomas, home on Strader Road; $200,000

Susan L. Packard to Raymond T. and Judith E. Parrish, two-family dwelling on state Route 7; $295,000

Perry Township

John F. and Theresa Capron III to Zachery L. Strohecker; home on Elberon Avenue; $145,000

Janice Loomis Woodley to Let Me Think LLC, home on Pidgeon Road; $59,000

Jennifer Stamp to Adam Whitman, home on Brittany Lane; $159,900


Pollock Holdings LLC to Flatiron Crane Real Estate Holdings LLC, 3.025 acres light manufacturing and assembly; $552,390

Pollock Holdings LLC to Flatiron Crane Real Estate Holdings LLC, 3.57 acres light manufacturing and assembly; $612,600

Freda Scott to Samantha J. Frampton, home on Ohio Avenue; $114,900

Kimpres Real Estate LLC to Emma Kay Minamyer, home on Newgarden Avenue; $97,850

Kathy L. Buttermore to Shane Organ, home on Jefferson Avenue; $140,000

St. Clair Township

Kathy D. Newlun to William L. Barz Jr., home on Old Fredericktown Road; $256,265

Thomas Price to Thomas Price, home on Maple Drive; $56,700

Calcutta Development LLC to Jeffrey A. and Mary C. Kreider, 1.947 acres on Field Stone Road; $53,500

Dody A. Johnson to Alice J. Squires, home on Highland Drive; $165,000

Unity Township

Benjamin A. and Cheyenne S. Kotas to Julie M. Farnesworth; 2.983 agricultural acres on Creek Road; Benjamin A. and Cheyenne S. Kotas to Benjamin A. and Cheyenne S. Kotas, 12.769 agricultural acres on Creek Road; $100,000

Washington Township

Lorrie Gossman to George D. Anderson, home on state Route 164; $137,500

West Township

David Joseph Johnson to Lehman Truck & Trailer Service LLC, commercial warehouses on state Route 30; $300,000

Elmer H. Marteney to Joshua and Shelli Rodd (trustees), 16 acres on Sandy Creek Road; $160,600

Douglas K. and Kurt Nightingale to James P. Dannemiller, 31.449 acres on Lowmiller Road; $280,000

Gary J. and Megan E. Nigro Jr. to Ronald L. Boggess, 1.666 acres on Melissa Lane; $22,000


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