Gingerbread Day

Eight-year-old Gabby Hill designed her gingerbread house.
A special father-daughter moment was shared by Ryan O’Donnell and his 3-year-old daughter, Brynlee.
Nine-year-old Carrie Hager created a colorful gingerbread house.
Six-year-old Alexander Sutak revealed his Christmas wish list to Santa and Mrs. Claus.
Seven-year-old Kaylee Crider used a holiday frame to make a Gingerbread Day memory.
A happy 2-year-old Benjamin Nicholas showed off a tattoo on each hand.
Nine-year-old Blakeley Brooks composed a letter to Santa Claus.
Having a fun time together at Gingerbread Day were, from left, 5-year-old Emmett Helman, 5-year-old Kynzlee Luketic and 6-year-old Gabriella Parrish.
Six-year-old Jillian Carlisle dressed in a festive way for the big day.
Jen Grabowski encouraged her 6-year-old son, Steve, right, and 6-year-old Hunter Bines.
A proud 6-year-old Autumn Abruzzino proudly displays her gingerbread house. She is the daughter of Columbiana County Prosecutor Vito Abruzzino.

After a year’s absence due to COVID, the all-free Gingerbread Day attracted over 800 children throughout Saturday to the Salem High School cafeteria. The event was supported by donations and staffed by volunteers. Children designed their ready-made gingerbread houses with different candies and icing. They were able to take the houses home. Santa and Mrs. Claus were on hand. Children were able to write letters to Santa for placement in a special mailbox, get Christmas-themed tattoos, and receive stocking caps, scarves and two books each. The got goodie bags when departing. Pictured, siblings Molly Lauber, 3, and Mason, 5, shared family time. Photo gallery at morningjournalnews.com. Morning Journal/JD Creer


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