Perry Township CRA petition approved

SALEM — Residents and businesses planning new construction or renovations in the unincorporated area of Perry Township can now apply for a tax break.

Trustee Chair Steve Bailey announced Monday during the trustee meeting that the Ohio Department of Development approved the township’s petition to establish a Community Reinvestment Area, which had been supported and adopted by the Columbiana County Board of Commissioners.

“I’m excited to know that we finally did that,” Bailey said.

He offered thanks to county Director of Economic Development Tad Herold for all his help with the application process and also thanked the commissioners for their help. The next step will be working with township zoning/nuisance officer Jeff Christopher on the CRA application forms property owners or businesses will have to fill out prior to doing any work. Christopher will oversee the program as the housing officer.

“If anybody doesn’t get a zoning permit, they’re not going to get the CRA,” Bailey said.

Trustee Jim Armeni said Perry is the first township in the county to establish a CRA.

“We think it’ll spur housing developments and commercial developments,” he said.

The township CRA only covers the unincorporated area of the township. The city, which is the incorporated area of the township, has its own CRA.

According to the resolution for the CRA, all the tax exemptions for residential will be 100 percent of the increased value after remodeling or for new construction. The time periods include 10 years for the remodeling of a residential housing unit not containing more than two units with a remodeling cost of at least $2,500; 10 years for a residential unit containing more than two units with a remodeling cost of at least $5,000; and 15 years for construction of new dwellings containing not more than four housing units.

For remodeling of existing commercial and industrial structures with a remodeling cost of at least $5,000, the period can be up to 10 years and up to 100 percent of the additional value, with the time period and percentage negotiated on a case-by-case basis, prior to remodeling.

For construction of new commercial and industrial structures, the period can be up to 15 years and up to 100 percent, with the time period and percentage negotiated on a case-by-case basis, prior to construction.

The document also outlines the makeup of a community reinvestment housing board and a tax incentive review board and other rules related to the program.

In other business, Christopher reported four permits issued so far this month. He also said new zoning application forms can be accessed on the township website at perrytownshipsalemoh.org. The zoning map and zoning book can also be found on the website, along with Christopher’s phone number for anyone with questions.

Ohio Edison representative Troy Rhoades spoke briefly with trustees, noting he’s compiling a list of polling places so if the power goes out or there’s a problem on Election Day, those places will get top priority for power restoration. He also touched on smart meters and the fact that meters are now being read instead of estimated.

Armeni said he got a call about street lights being out in a few spots and he followed the process to report them, asking how long before the issue is resolved. Rhoades said it should take no more than three days, unless there’s an issue.

Bailey spoke briefly about the budget and said all funds look good, with all funded now at 100 percent and spending right where it should be for this time of year. He noted the police budget was at 81 percent, which is higher, but said that will go down after adding in the income from the insurance settlement on the totaled police vehicle, which had to be replaced. The new car came in and is black instead of white.



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