EP voters to decide on charter amendments

EAST PALESTINE–Residents will be deciding on 10 proposed charter amendments on the November ballot.

Earlier this year the Charter Review Committee met to address outdated sections, rules and procedures. After several months the committee came forward with several suggestions.

Amendments improving accountability will remove members of council due to misconduct and failure to perform necessary duties, prevent employees from advising or overseeing departments they are employed in and limit the time period a manager can serve as interim finance director unless an extension is approved by council.

Voters will also decide on amendments intended to increase efficiency such as requiring council to hold two regular meetings a month, permitting electronic mail notification regarding special council meetings and granting the mayor power to cancel meetings.

Other amendments include entitling the mayor to enter executive sessions, allowing an acting mayor to retain rights as a council member and removing residency requirements from the village manager position.

There is also an amendment to make elections filling office vacancies occur during general elections as opposed to municipal elections.

McTrustry believes the changes will improve the charter directing council and bring administrative and department standards up-to-date.


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