New water lines to be installed in Leetonia

LEETONIA–Mayor Kevin Siembida signed off on a construction contract Wednesday for three new water lines being installed in the village.

The project will begin in December and will take about a month. The project is delayed due to material shortages.

Siembida said the new lines and hydrants will provide more water and volume.

Several water line breaks have taken place since Tuesday. The first break took place on Oak Street with other breaks following.

“The south end of the town is experiencing a little bit of low pressure,” Siembida said.

Councilman James Pittman expressed appreciation for the work village employees have been doing.

“We’ve had four leaks and they have spent the last two days underground,” Pittman said.

In other matters, council approved adding a new dispatcher. Police Chief Allen Haueter said the addition of the dispatcher will relieve pressure from the fire department.

Regarding upcoming events, village first responders are prepared for the Leetonia Fall Festival. The festival is designed to raise money for beautification and the parks. The pancake breakfast will fund the flowers and decorations in the village.

In other news, Tina Schneider has been appointed to the village zoning officer position.

Schneider looks forward to introducing some new organization and access to online forms.

“I’m very tech savvy and I know how to develop forms that are fillable,” she said.

Schneider’s background with the Mahoning County Board of Health has advanced her skills with processing complaints and paperwork.

Siembida reminded residents the zoning offices are open. He is asking for patience while the city utilizes a more efficient system.

Lastly, a meeting for the Leetonia Beehive Coke Ovens Commission will take place at the Coke Ovens at 6 p.m. Sept. 23.


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