EP park to add disc golf course

EAST PALESTINE–Village Manager Mark McTrustry this week announced a disc golf course is set to be installed throughout the city park after recently meeting with a course designer.

McTrustry worked with the park board and Youngstown State Director for the Office of Career and Academic Advising Justin Edwards planning the course. Edwards is involved with the Mahoning Valley Disc Golf Association.

“That park is really in many ways is one of the more optimal plots of land that I have had an opportunity to design on,” Edwards said. “It’s going to be a really nice mix of really just using the beautiful space, but there is going to be some nice challenges on the course as well.”

The water, slopes and hills in the park benefited the disc golf course. Edwards believes the course has potential to attract competitive groups, summer camps and tourists.

“He said he’d like to make it challenging enough for league games, but not so challenging that they are going to scare the average player off,” McTrustry said.

The disc golf course will begin near the park entrance and consist of 18 holes along the outer edge of the park so other park activities go unhindered.

Edwards considers disc golf as a financially accessible and low-entry sport. “You can start just by knowing how to throw a Frisbee,” Edwards said.

The Mahoning Valley Disc Golf League is focused on working with communities, designing courses, and teaching young people along with creating leagues and tournaments.

The Youngstown Disc Golf Club is another area group that focuses more on competition.

Edwards recommends people with an increased interest in disc golf connect with local groups and use resources such as www.pdga.com. “Start with putters, start with discs that are slow and easier to throw,” Edwards suggested.

McTrustry looks forward to increasing recreational opportunities in the area.

“We would like to provide one more thing for folks to come to East Palestine and enjoy what we have,” McTrustry said.



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