Washingtonville residents warned of credit card thefts

WASHINGTONVILLE–Police have been receiving reports about thieves swiping credit cards from mailboxes on High Street.

Police Chief Ken Faust is warning residents to stay vigilant about their personal information. “They are looking for credit cards,” Faust said.

Council members Erik Sobek and Ron Stevens both say they have noticed suspicious activity taking place at their mailboxes.

“They are propping open our doors and leaving them open after the mails been out,” a resident who wished to remain anonymous said.

Faust is advising residents to keep an eye out for anyone searching through mailboxes.

Faust is also looking for security camera footage.

“I have a couple more places to go to see if I can catch this person,” Faust said.

Credit reporting agency Experian recommends reviewing monthly credit statements and checking credit reports.

Faust said residents should watch for any cards en route to their homes and contact the creditor immediately if they don’t arrive.

“Check your mailbox or have somebody pick them up if you are not going to be home,” Faust said.

Experian recommends utilizing creditor offered alert services.


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