Salineville: Village eyes credit cards for sewer bills

SALINEVILLE — Village residents who are looking for the option to pay their sewer bills by credit card may soon be able to do so.

Board of Public Affairs Chairman Chad Bettis came before council on Monday to discuss an option already in the village’s contract, which allows them to offer the service for those paying by credit card. He said it will still take a couple of months before it will be set up, but he wanted to pursue it because residents have requested the option.

To utilize the option, residents will have to log into the UBmax Utility Management website to set it up. There will be a fee of about $3, which will be added to the amount of the bill. The billing company will keep the fee and the money for the utility bill will be deposited into the village’s bank account.

Residents choosing to still mail in their payment or pay at the village office can continue to do so the way they have in the past, which includes by check or money order. There will be no fee for paying by mail or directly to the sewer clerk. Additionally, the sewer clerk will not be able to take any credit card payments at village hall.

There will be an increase in the sewer rate in August, the last of the three increases that were previously passed. The bills will increase by $1.25.

In other matters before council:

— Fire Chief Jeff Lewis came to council concerned about the village making plans to block off Summit Drive. While council had been looking at the option to prevent the gravel, water and ice going out onto state Route 644 during bad weather, Lewis said it could create a problem for firefighters battling a potential fire up in that neighborhood. There are no fire hydrants up there and the waterline installed by Buckeye Water District would not be large enough for a fire hydrant, according to Lewis. In the event of a fire up there, Lewis said they would have to park many firetrucks down on state Route 644 and pump the water up the hill. He said it is already narrow and difficult for firetrucks to navigate without blocking off a way off the hill. Council later discussed it and agreed to try to look for another option.

— An East Main Street couple came to council to discuss the gravel that flows down the hill behind their home when it rains as well. Steve Bilsland said when the neighbor requests gravel on the road to make repairs up the hill, it soon ends up down at the bottom, where he has to shovel it out of his yard and put it into a wheelbarrow. At times, he has spread it out into holes nearby, but he cannot mow his yard until he cleans up the gravel each time. Council members and Mayor Linda Adams discussed going out to look for a better solution at the top of the hill to avoid the gravel washing down in the future.

— Adams also called a streets committee meeting for 10 a.m., Thursday to discuss some changes in the way the streets department operates.

— Council also discussed recent problems with vandalism at the Kiwanis Park, which happened only a short time after the Camp Gideon group had worked to make improvements. Dale Johnson of the Kiwanis said there was damage to some of the tables, two cameras were ripped off and there is a swing the vandals have been bothering repeatedly. Adams suggested signage that says the park closes at dark and children must be accompanied by a parent, then if someone violates those rules, the police can send them away from the park.

— Finally, Adams said she heard from a Tricia Sattler, who said they are looking to operate a 24-hour a day, seven days a week, daycare in the Salineville area. Sattler is looking for someone who has property for rent, preferably with outdoor space so children can go outside. She can be contacted at 330-383-8221.


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