Justice sought for park vandalism

LISBON — A troubling act of vandalism at one of the village’s parks has left both the administration and village residents demanding justice.

The playground and pavilion on Cedar Street were both subject to vandalism over the weekend. The sinks in the bathrooms were taken apart and the water was left running, causing significant flooding to the bathrooms and pavilion. Planks and spindles on all sides of the exterior fence of the playground were destroyed.

Park manager Dana Blackburn told village council during their Tuesday meeting that they have no leads on who the vandals might be. She said that the cameras did not pick up anyone due to heavy rain and static, but she is still looking. She said that with the help of neighbors Brian and Kelly Ranerie they were able to pick up most of the planks that were ripped off and councilman and parks committee member Ryan Berg was able to repair some of the planks that were removed.

“It’s quite sad,” Blackburn said in reference to the damage.

The pool area is regularly paroled by the Lisbon police department but they did not notice any suspicious activity. The destruction has led to a few changes at the park including leaving the lights on overnight and adjusting the angles of the security cameras. Blackburn said that with the lights on, you can now see straight through the pavilion on the cameras.

Several Lisbon residents took to Facebook to express their disappointment of the vandalism. A post announcing the vandalism received over 80 comments berating the unknown vandals and demanding that action be taken to find those behind it.


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