Salem Council moves to amend parking ordinance

SALEM — City council recently held the first reading on an ordinance that will allow parking to continue on an existing original driveway in a front yard, even if the garage is gone or no longer a garage.

An issue came up recently when a homeowner on Southeast Boulevard decided to close in his garage to create more living space. His driveway remained, but according to city rules, he could no longer park there since the driveway now faced living space instead of a garage.

There’s no parking allowed on front yards anywhere in the city and unfortunately, there’s no parking in the street on Southeast Boulevard, leaving no parking alternative.

Councilwoman Cyndi Baronzzi Dickey said she was approached about the parking problem and suggested allowing people to still park on an original driveway, whether a garage is there or not.

The issue was discussed by the Rules and Ordinances Committee, which she chairs.

The proposed solution amends Chapter 351 of the city ordinances, which prohibits parking in residential front yards.

According to the proposed change, the prohibition “shall not apply to the parking of vehicles on front or side yards if the vehicle, or vehicles, are parked on existing original driveways, with or without an existing garage. Existing original driveways shall be defined as those driveways put in place at the time of the existing or prior main building on any city lot or those driveways subsequently approved by the city through ordinance or by other means.”

The amendment requires two more readings for approval.

During that same meeting, city council approved a resolution commending former city councilman Sal Salvino for his dedicated service to the city as councilman at-large from Jan. 1, 2018 to March 16 this year.

Salvino resigned to become the city’s new full-time Housing Director/Inspector.

Dickey made an announcement for Salvino, asking that if anyone sees any type of housing issues or yard issues, to contact him at the housing department.



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