New signs adorn entrances to park

Menning Photography The new handcrafted sign hangs at the entrance of Firestone Park in Columbiana

COLUMBIANA — Lloyd Miller of Salem and Diane Less of Spotted Horse Studio in Greenford handcrafted new mahogany entrance signs at the entrances of Firestone Park.

The signs are crafted after the originals hung when Firestone Park first opened.

Miller has a passion for colonial architecture so when he was approached by Pat Tingle, a Trustee on the Restoration and Beautification Committee of Columbiana, to work on the new signs adorning Firestone Park, he took the opportunity.

Miller said he invested over 200 hours in each of the two signs. Miller made sure to use a top-quality coating from Germany to seal the signs for what he said will be 25 years.

The coating will make the signs weather resistant and shield the mahogany from harmful UV rays.

Morning Journal/Danielle Garner Lloyd Miller displays a finch in the reeds, one of his favorites he hand carved.

Miller said he started woodworking when he was kid but when he came home from the service in 1968, Miller pursued an apprenticeship with a carpenter at the corner of his father’s farm.

Miller said the gold leafing on the signs was done by Diane Less.

Miller remembers going to the park when he was young and hanging out with his friends. Miller also said when he was a scout master, he recalled putting houses from blue birds and bats around the “wilds” in the park.

Miller is happy to contribute to all the renovations taking place at Firestone Park.



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