Firestone Park gearing up for summer

COLUMBIANA–Activities and events are resuming and renovations are getting a major push at Firestone Park in Summer 2021.

President of the Park Recreation and Cemetery Board Ron Detwiler said that there are currently seven projects being worked on in the park.

“We have been working on the pool and pavilions with the CDC and the health department et cetera as far as opening the pool,” said Detwiler.

Park and Cemetery Superintendent Terry Shaffer clarified that the Columbiana pool is opening on May 29.

Shaffer said the pool will be filled soon and pavilions can be rented starting June 2 when restrictions are lifted.

Park officials are satisfied with many of the upgrades and renovations at Firestone Park. New front gates are hung, there is an awning up and the gazebo has been updated with a new copper roof.

“It’s absolutely, really sharp,” said Shaffer.

Season passes, pool parties and swim lessons are resuming and prices will remain the same.

The pool will also be open to everyone with no restrictions.

“Basically, our rules and regulations are going back to what they were prior to the Covid,” said Shaffer.

Shaffer said that the pool did very well last year and worked closely with the health department and CDC. He reminded residents that rules are changing on a weekly basis. Staff will be following the advice of government officials.

“We are just going to monitor the situation every week and go from there, and hopefully we will have a very good successful season” said Shaffer.

Councilman Richard McBane gave an update on the dog park Tuesday.

McBane said there has been a contractor at the location to determine what needs to be done. Plans include clearing trees and underbrush and planting grass.

McBane said that there were a number of maple trees contractors said are prone to storm damage and need to be removed. Oaks and other species will remain for shade.

A proposal will be made later this fall to get the project started.

“Hopefully we will have enough money by spring to get the fencing in,” said McBane

The total amount raised for the dog park is nearly $31,000.

“We are moving along very well. We have several events coming up in the next month that we hope will raise quite a bit of money,” said McBane.

Future events include a Beer Festival at Firestone Farms and a comedy event at Birdfish Brewery.

McBane said it may be possible to expand the dog park, but the city will stick with the original plan for now.

Concerts in the Park will resume in July and August. Detwiler is hoping that there is an opportunity to do at least six concerts in the park.

A disc golf course funded by Birdfish Brewery’s sales of Parks IPA is also being planned. Birdfish Brewery is working to integrate the disc golf course into the park’s surroundings.

A donor is providing funds to build a new girls softball stadium in the park. The donor has architectural plans but needs to go through the procedure for park board and council. The project has a projected start date of the end of July with an ambitious completion date at the end of October.

The donor contributing funds for a softball stadium has previous experience with this type of project.

“We are looking forward to working with him,” said Detwiler.

Another donor stepped forward to contribute to rebuilding the football stadium.

“We are really happy with the way things are progressing along but the progress is slow sometimes and we hope people are understanding,” said Detwiler regarding the upgrades.



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