East Liverpool-Calcutta Garden Club

Officers of the East Liverpool-Calcutta Area Garden Club for 2021: (from left) Joni Collins, treasurer; Lisa Chronister, president; Cathy Wollam, assistant secretary-treasurer; Marsha Von Ludmann, secretary; and Marybeth Gill, vice president.

EAST LIVERPOOL — The East Liverpool-Calcutta Garden Club met Friday at the East Liverpool Country Club for the first time since December.

The meeting kicked off with a special awards ceremony recognizing Ruth Hood, Ginny Jackson and Elaine Richards with a lifetime, honorary membership. Garden Club president Lisa Chronister introduced Mayor Greg Bricker who presented the women with achievement certificates and flowers. Mayor Bricker thanked the women for their commitment and contributions to the club and the community.

After the ceremony, the club was called to order and discussed ways to reconnect with the community. Some of the 2021 plans include filling the planter at the Carnegie Library, Ceramic Museum, Calcutta Park and Thompson Park. Until further notice, plans to re-enter local nursing homes and schools will be postponed due to Covid-19.

The popular garden club plant sale is scheduled to take place from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. May 8 at the East Liverpool Country Club and is open to the public.

The Garden Club will spend the year celebrating a past East Liverpool-Calcutta Garden Club member, Dorothy Kountz. Dorothy became a generous benefactress to the Garden Clubs of Ohio, Inc. in 1999. After 20 years, Dorothy’s contribution has allowed Garden Clubs of Ohio to provide grants to Ohio garden clubs for civic and beautification projects all over Ohio.

East Liverpool Mayor Greg Bricker stands with three members of the East Liverpool-Calcutta Garden Club who were given lifetime honorary membership in the garden club for years of work, achievement and commitment: (from left) Ginny Jackson, Bricker, Elaine Richards and Ruth Hood.

Dorothy wrote a poem titled The Five Senses that will be featured on the East Liverpool-Calcutta Garden Clubs’ annual booklet cover this year. Her poem is the inspiration for the club’s programs and speakers this year. The Garden Club plans on presenting a commemorative project in Dorothy’s memory to the Thompson Park board members for consideration. Dorothy is one of many East Liverpool residents who have made considerable contributions to East Liverpool and beyond.

Below, is the poem by Dorothy Kountz.

The Five Senses

When I stand at the foot of a virgin pine

or follow the flight of a bee;

When I look in the face of someone I love ,

It’s then I am glad I can see.

When I pass by a field that’s been freshly plowed,

Or a lawn that has just been mowed,

There’s something about it words can’t tell;

So, I’m more than glad for my sense of smell.

When a little brook gurgles along by my feet,

Or a thrush sings his song sweet and clear;

when the voice of nature reaches me thus,

I’m Oh! so glad I can hear.

When I feel the cheek of a little child

Or the hand of a friend that I clutch;

It’s times like these that I’m really glad

That I have my sense of touch.

When the bounteous harvest is gathered in

And stored away in such haste;

When the festive hoard groans from its weight of good food

It’s then I’m glad I can taste.


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