Real Estate

Center Township

Leanna Stryffeler to Derrick and Lanita Weaver, 97 acres on state Route 172; $588,484

John Mundy Jr., et al, to Lucas Rambo, 11 acres on Mattix Road; $40,500

Christopher Chuey to Daniel Haught, home on Thomas Road; $53,000

S R S, etc, to Jared and Stacia Winland, home and 3 acres on Vincent Lane; $430,000

Hillyer Inc. to Ohio Pet Foods, 2.4 acres on Industrial Park Road; $42,500


Richard and Amy Clark to Scott and Maggie Primm, home and 2.6 acres on Pittsburgh Street; $275,000

Stacia and Jared Winland to Abby Yarian and Virginia Smith, home on Fairfield School Road; $272,000

East Liverpool

Sue Buchheit, et al, to Robert Stansbury, home on Globe Street; $38,900

East Palestine

Dennis and Mary Kay Manley to Luanne and David Ehrenberg, 0.5 acre lot on Howell Road; $30,000

Elkrun Township

Steven Stacy to Anthony and Abigail Leister, home and 1.5 acres on Cream Ridge Road; $185,000

Fairfield Township

Irene Pahanish to Matt and Rhonda Pahanish, 5.5 acres on Lower Elkton Road; $11,140

Knox Township

Jerry Shafer to John Graham, vacant property on Main Street; $6,000

Tim and Patricia Lanzer, trustees, to Mount Union University, 32 acres on Hanselman Road; $192,552

Tim and Patricia Lanzer, trustees, to RKD2 Realty, 15 acres on Hanselman Road; $458,700


Anna Frantz to Adam McCullough, home on Thomas Road; $141,500

Jordan and Madilyn Wrask to Joseph and Sarah McCurdy, home on North Street; $190,000

Gary Sisley to Carl and Lori Smith, home on Lee Avenue; $30,000

Liverpool Township

Jerry Thompson to East Liverpool Properties, triplex on Homewood Avenue; $233,600

David Ulbright, et al, to Electra and Matt Bowling II, home on Faulk Avenue; $156,000

Jerry Thompson to Mark Tice, two lots on Homewood Drive; $1,400

Middleton Township

Phillip Rimoldi to John and Deborah Beresik, trustee, 0.8 acre lot on Iroquois Trail; $159,900

Perry Township

Susan Gough to Edward Nunzir, duplex on West Perry Street; $180,000

Helen Beltempo, et al, to Barbara and Andrew Bostwick, home on Highland Avenue; $75,300

Harlan and Connie Freed to Karl and Michele Rothacker, home and 3.1 acres on Beechwood Road; $219,777


Theodore Thorne, trustees, to ZN Homes, 0.3 acre on Edgewood Drive; $30,000

Tadd and Emily Stout to Devon Bell, et al, home on Franklin Avenue; $105,000

Nicole Danko to Luke Newton, home on East 10th Street; $125,000

Derrick Tad to Brittany and Cameron Martin, home on Eastview Avenue; $177,750

Kathrine Baun, et al, to Divvy Homes Warehouse, home on Southeast Boulevard; $89,000

Salem Township

Jason Lorch to Nicole and Devon Davis, home and 2 acres on Lodge Road; $198,000

Gerald and Cynthia Smith, trustees, to Jack Solomon, 92 acres on Lisbon Road; $464,945


Taylor Tsesmilles to James and Tracy Beadnell, vacant property on Wood Street; $800

St. Clair Township

John and Sandra Cornell to Tracy and John Veon Jr., home on Highland Drive; $190,000

Wayne Township

N. Ronald and Lori Springer to S.C.E.Land LLC, 104 acres on Glasgow Road; $210,000

Michael and Holly Frick to Chad and Paige Nestor, 9.2 acres on state Route 518; $65,00

West Township

Elaine Weaver to Malakia Hilton, 40 acres on Speidel Road; $220,000

Robert Beadnell Jr., et al, to Eileen Tucke, home and 8 acres on Bayard Road; $152,900


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