Couple to make magic on TV Friday

Submitted photo Shown is a promo highlighting The Alans, featuring Jason Greenamyer of Salem and his wife Stacy, who will bring their magical skills this Friday to national TV.

SALEM — Kids are often drawn to the wonder and mystery of magic tricks, and a few of them might try their hands at magic themselves. While most keep it merely as a hobby, Jason Greenamyer, raised in Salem, managed to turn his childhood fascination into a successful career as a magician. Now, the magical husband and wife act, who go by Jason and Stacy Alan while performing, will be put into the national television spotlight on January 22 when they attempt to fool the famous magicians Penn and Teller on their show “Penn & Teller: Fool Us.”

The journey to this moment has been two decades in the making. At 13-years-old, Jason saw a magician performing on a boardwalk in California while on a family trip and he was captivated. He looked to famous magicians such as David Blaine and Penn & Teller, who he has the daunting task of fooling on January 22, for inspiration and began practicing and performing for his friends and family. During his time at Youngstown State University where he ran track and studied Exercise Science, he began performing at local venues. He remembers one of his first paid performances at the Cleveland Zoo less than fondly, describing it as ” completely terrible,” but it was enough to spark the idea of turning it into a career.

“Growing up in a small town, I wasn’t even aware that you could do show business as a career,” he said.

Despite his late realization, his career in show business took off. He began to perform on various cruise lines and even more local venues. While performing in Akron, he met his now wife and equally magical performance partner, Stacy, who at the time was working as a ther “We just want to keep doing what we love and expand on that,” Jason said. apist. While Stacy was always interested in magic growing up, she didn’t start performing until she met Jason. After a decade of perfoming solo, Stacy joined Jason’s act and their success grew even more. Now, the pair have the longest running magic show in Cleveland which is going on three and a half years. They describe the show as a mix between magic and mentalism, which they largely credit to Stacy’s therapist background.

“We have to be ourselves on stage,” Stacy said, noting that she embraces her therapist background while on stage and uses it to create her character. Jason describes his character as “manic,” but they both agree that they balance each other out while on stage. Stacy said that being husband and wife brings its challenges to their act, but it also makes it easier when considering how well they get along with each other. They also use their husband and wife role to to perform couple events which they hope to further pursue after their episode of “Fool Us” airs and the world gets to a point where its safe to do so.

Their trick on the show is based on the night they met, and they got the idea from the magic community after reaching out to them to get a framework for the performance. They told them stories about their life together, and the story about their initial meeting was endearing to the point that it made the final performance.

Their appearance on the show is the results of years of perseverance and hard work considering it comes after four audition attempts and nine months of a global pandemic. The couple said that the pandemic made it difficult to rehearse their performance for the show, and they had to rely on Zoom calls in order to get the feedback from their friends and family which they rely on for all of their performances. When it comes to their plans after the television appearance, Jason said it all really depends on one important person.

“It depends on what my mom thinks. Mom gets final approval and final say,” he said. Once they get Mom’s stamp of approval, they plan on expanding their original live show, “In Cahoots!” and maybe get back to their roots of cruise performances.

“We just want to keep doing what we love and expand on that,” Jason said.

Despite traveling and performing across the county and now performing in the magic hub that is Las Vegas for national television, his hometown of Salem still holds a special place in Jason’s heart, and he hopes that other aspiring small-town performers follow their dreams much like he did.

“Do the incredibly hard work, it’ll show later in your career,” he said. Stacy added that perseverance is the key as well as always saying yes to opportunities.

Magic fans everywhere can watch Jason and Stacy Alan attempt to fool Penn & Teller on January 22 at 9 p.m. on the CW channel.


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