EP shifts preschool class online

EAST PALESTINE — As Superintendent Chris Neifer relayed in a letter sent to preschool families in the district, East Palestine has decided to utilize its remote learning plan for the 3-year-old class starting on Monday and running through Dec. 3.

The remote situation is due to preschool staff being quarantined due to exposure to COVID-19. While the school is taking the necessary precautions with the health department, since the staff members have been isolated and not in school for the entire week, no contact tracing is required.

The students were sent home Thursday with a copy of their remote schedule and packets of materials to support their remote learning during the five classes they’ll be remote. Plans were also rearranged so that they kids could celebrate their Thanksgiving party in class on Thursday. Classes will resume on Dec. 7.

“Due to COVID-19 exposure we felt it was best for our students and staff to continue their educational process remotely for the next two weeks,” Neifer said. “The rest of the district will continue face-to-face learning as long as we can continue to efficiently utilize our mitigation strategies and staff our buildings.”


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