Real Estate

Butler Township

Leo and Barbara Kline to Sam and Linda Imhoff, 1.3 acres on Hartley Road; $15,000

Center Township

Thomas and Judith Bush to Brian and Teresa Holmes, home and 10 acres on Hunters Camp Road; $130,000


ZN Homes Inc. to Brandy Dugan, home on Juniper Drive; $270,000

Scott Anderson to Daniel and Tera Bertovich, home on North Pearl Street; $85,000

Doris Renfro to Thomas and Emma Patterson, home on North Middle Street; $113,000

Barbara Whaley-Curl to Scott Anderson, home on Court Street; $137,000

Thomas Titus to Thomas and Peggy Bailey, condominium on Prestwick Court; $399,900

East Liverpool

Gaylord Cox Jr., et al, to Carrie and Patrick King Jr., home on Dresden Avenue; $8,000

Kenneth Krafft to Craig and Carey Stowers, home on Summit Lane; $5,000

Joyce Duke to Ashley Austin, home on Manor Lane; $113,000

Courtney Frank to Aaron Lara, home on Globe Street; $89,900

Ernest Peachey to Thomas Dennis Jr., et al, home on St. Clair Avenue; $3,800

Burdell and Kenneth Brandle to Ethel Brandle, home on Shadyside Avenue; $42,500

East Palestine

DSG Rentals LLC to Chris Rimoldi, home at 407 Clark St.; $12,346

Ruby Pasco to Christopher and Jessica Cain, home on Liberty Street; $79,000

Betty Bish to Crystal Sadenwasser, home on Columbia Street; $55,000

East Palestine China Decorating to 870Main LLC, East Palestine China building on Main Street; $320,750

Elkrun Township

Gary and Thomas Ward to Mark Cerrone, home and 1 acre on Darner Road; $70,000

Kenneth Simballa, et al, to Kenneth and Michelle Simballa, property on Guy and Cream Ridge roads and Devoneshire Drive; $144,474

Fairfield Township

Teresa Howard, et al, to Diane Fulton, home and 1.1 acres on state Route 164; $162,900

Chad Nestor and Paige Hawk to Phillip and Ashley Cibula, home and 7.3 acres on Kirk Road; $282,000

Teresa and Charles Peck Jr. to Daniel Mascher, et al, home and 3.3 acres on state Route 7; $220,000

Franklin Township

Jordan Spencer to Jack and Paul McIntosh, home on Foundry Jill Road; $10,000

Hanover Township

Timothy and Eileen Simon to Scott and Judith Hamilton, home on Lake Knoll Avenue; $370,000

Kimberly Smith to Duane Shook, home on South Lane; $140,500

Knox Township

Monica Jonard, et al, to Monica Jonard, property on Lake Street; $375

Joseph Kitzmiller to Stephanie and Amanda Lambert, home and 1 acre on Homeworth Road; $241,900


Ronald Phillips, et asl, to Brandon Ware, home on East Chestnut Street; $79,500

Tiffany Leyman to David Sanders, home on North Street; $156,500

Middleton Township

Raymond and Melissa Boyd to Cynthia Bosley, home on Dyke Road; $215,000

Robert and Lynn Urmson to Sierra Warrick, et al, home on Mohican Trail; $160,000

Dustin Huff to Philip and Sarah Carr, property on Huron Trail; $3,300

Perry Township

Gregory and Constance Shreve to Gloria Judy, condominium on South Lincoln Avenue; $157,000


Jamie Vernaccini, et al, to Elisabeth Stokes and Anne Halm, home on Southeast Boulevard; $145,000

Rebecca Leyman to Jennings and Trudy Douglas, home on Liberty Street; $25,000

Amy Williams to Kirsten Frost, home on New Garden Avenue; $74,000

Joseph and Sherlanne Miller to Leslie Lesky, home on Fourth Street; $63,0000

Christopher Isenberg to Paul Loveday, home on Cherry Street; $78,830

Gloria Judy trust to Scot and Dawn Anderson, home on Highland Avenue; $303,000

Jacob Rector to Ty Roseburg, home on Fourth Street; $79,0000

Clam Flippin LLC to Erin D. Williams, home at 794 S. Union Ave.; $133,379

St. Clair Township

Wendy Cannon to James and Rachel Perry, home on Ruby Drive; $189,900

Donna McVay to Ronald and Corey Phillips, home on Park Circle; $205,000

Prestige Properties of East Liverpool to Russell Paugh, et al, home at 50718 Stagecoach Road; $197,500

Unity Township

Barrow Revocable Trust to Sean Bowyer, home 1.2 acres on Macklin Road; $30,000


James Santini to Keith Morrow, duplex on Main Street; $45,000

Wayne Township

David Robey to Nolan Klein, home and 2 acres on state Route 164; $42,373


Mary Burcham and Lisa Smith to Lisa Smith, home on Clover Street; $28,400

Mary Burcham and Lisa Smith to Lisa Smith, home on Maple Avenue; $30,750

Tyrone Davis to John and Marilyn Sears, home on Commerce Street; $5,500

Yellow Creek Township

Janet Minore to David and Sherry Merriman, property on Hillcrest Road; $1,000

Sabrina Dunham to Rowdy Fickes, home on 18th Street; $34,000

Sontonya and David Goodwin to Jalynn Corbin, home on 17th Street; $41,250


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