Former GM employee tells tale of murder, scandals

On Nov. 21, 2013, James Ferrara — already in prison on a double homicide — was convicted of the brutal murders in 1974 of a General Motors Corp. security guard, the guard’s wife and their 4-year-old daughter in their Canfield home.

But did Ferrara do it?

Gary D. Bonnell, a former employee of the GM Lordstown Complex who says an attempt also was made on his life, doesn’t think so. He states his case in his self-published book “Truth Not Deception” that asks the question right on the cover: “Where is the GM Marsh Family Murder File?”

Weaving together newspaper accounts, police reports, trial transcripts, official letters, personal knowledge and opinion, Bonnell presents a picture of mob enforcers, drug trafficking, numbers rackets and prostitution, and political and legal corruption.

Bonnell asserts that when he worked at GM in the 1970s, it was a playground for mobsters who ran a variety of illegal activities. He claims that his friend, security guard Benjamin Marsh, was killed for refusing to go along. Marsh was shot four times, his wife beaten and shot, and their daughter beaten to death. A 1-year-old son survived a beating.

Bonnell speculates that an attempt was made on his own life because he helped expose life-threatening defects on vehicles.

The conclusions Bonnell draws and the opinions he offers often conflict with the findings and rulings of official investigators. Bonnell sets out to prove — or at least pose enough questions to suggest — that there were cover-ups along the way that hampered honest investigators.

“Truth is considered an absolute while deception is regarded as a concerted and willful effort to subvert the truth. Deceit is an insult to intellect,” Bonnell states.

Bonnell is now chairman of the Liverpool Township Zoning Commission, a member of First Church of Christ in East Liverpool, a former member of the East Liverpool Board of Education, and a past president of Rotary clubs in Waterford, W.Va., and Calcutta, Ohio.

“Truth Not Deception” is available on Amazon.com or at truthnotdeception.com.


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