Teen gets probation, plus a little jail time

LISBON — A Salem teenager who burglarized a home twice was placed at the Eastern Ohio Correction Center, but first she will spend time waiting in the county jail after admitting she could not pass a drug test.

Kara I. Kramp, 19, Fair Avenue, Salem, appeared for sentencing in Common Pleas Court on Monday, facing up to six years in prison for the two third-degree felony burglary charges she pleaded guilty to in June.

Assistant County Prosecutor Ryan Weikart said Kramp’s presentencing investigation shows she had a complicity charge as a juvenile, but has been forthcoming about what happened here, probably because she was not the one calling the shots. Weikart said the crime was committed with the person she was using drugs with and dating around July 22 through July 24, 2019, when things were stolen from the home of Kevin McCormick on Main Street, Leetonia.

Kramp’s defense attorney, Jennifer Gorby, pointed out Kramp has been working to improve her life and to get both her GED and driver’s license so she can be productive. When asked by Judge Megan Bickerton, Kramp said she was clean for three months.

“I just want to say I’m very sorry for what I’ve done, and it was a mistake,” Kramp said.

However, Bickerton said she was not sure Kramp understands how serious these charges really are. Even if no one is home at the time, Bickerton noted the crime is a serious one. While acknowledging Kramp was using drugs and not thinking straight, Bickerton said it is a violation someone never gets over when a person enters their home and takes things.

Bickerton said she believes the EOCC will be a tool that will help Kramp learn from her mistakes, which is something she obviously did not do when she was charged as a child. Then Bickerton contemplated if Kramp, who recently had surgery, could self-report to the EOCC when a bed is available in about a month to six weeks.

When Bickerton determined she would let her self-report if she could pass a drug test on Monday, Kramp admitted she might not pass for marijuana. Bickerton pointed out using marijuana is against her community control she was being placed on and while she appreciated Kramp’s honesty, she was taken into custody immediately.

“Show me you are sorry by changing your life,” Bickerton said in response to another tearful apology by Kramp.

She was placed on community control and ordered to pay $1,930 in restitution for the items taken.



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