Real Estate

Center Township

Walter Macuich to Dustin Borg, home on Pritchard Avenue; $76,100


Patricia Seachman, et al, to Anthony Sluss, home on Seventh Street; $123,000

Firestone Homestead to Christine Begalla, et al, 0.5 acres on Homestead Drive; $62,000

East Liverpool

Keith and Terrie Conto to David and Saundra Hays, home on Williams Avenue; $110,000

Eric and Kasie Glendenning to Farmer National Bank, home on St. Clair Avenue (sheriff’s sale); $29,000

Joshua Feezle to Alyssa Bowen and Ryian Burson, home on Holliday Street; $57,000

Ronald and Antoinette Cataldo to Jon-Erik Beatty, home on Sophia Street; $19,600

East Palestine

Mike and Teresa Ash to Chad and Jessica Ash, home on South Street; $28,350

Justin and Sarah Foley to Jamie Scacchetti and Melissa Ours, home on Adams Street; $119,000

Mike Pitzulo to Anthony and Patti Hugney, 32 acres on Howell Road and Concord and Pleasant drives; $90,000

Jessica Gordon to Chelsi Solomon, home on Taggart Street; $72,000

Fairfield Township

Eric Blackburn to Andrew Coplin, et al, home on state Route 164; $122,500

Hanover Township

Greg and Danna Casto to Dustin and Amanda Casto, home and 2 acres on Haessly Road; $123,229

Daniel and Maryann Dineen to Ricky Wheatley, 0.4 acres on Haessley Road; $900

Robin Stewart to Nikieta Campbell, home on Chestnut Lane; $161,000

Guappone Enterprises to Blended Beginnings, Pinky’s Lounge on state Route 172; $248,600

Knox Township

Quicken Loans to Richard Higginbotham, et al, home and 1.5 acres on Case Road; $121,160

Peggy Shaver, et al, to Georgianna and Daniel Davis Jr., home and 2.4 acres on Homeworth Road; $240,000


Evergreen Investment Group to Kayla Nielsen, home at 335 Ridge St.; $64,400

Jackie and Linda Dunham to Emily Bustamante, 12.7 acres on Mill and Lisbon streets; $133,100


Raymond Morrow to Kathlena and Jonathan Gravlin, home on Maple Street; $85,000

Middleton Township

Rabeka Tomb to Amber and Donald Boyd, home on Mohican Trail; $55,000

Perry Township

Raymond and Joanne Ward to Dane and Peggy Griffith, home on Pidgeon Road; $81,000

Caroline Menning, et al, to Stephanie Cyphert, home on Conser Drive; $128,000

Judith Miller to Scott Brooks, duplex on Goshen Road; $147,900

Richard and Ellen Sandrock to Sherri Campbell, condominium on Canterbury Lane; $104,000

Marilyn McCullough to Vondakae Weekly, home on Jones Drive; $129,000

Ken and Susan Kyser to Mark Bush, home on Pidgeon Road; $195,000

Robert and Bonnie Gardner to Susan and Kenneth Kyser, condominium on South Lincoln Avenue; $170,000

Cynthia Gideon, et al, to Doris Renfro, condominium on South Lincoln Avenue; $115,300


Taylor Davis to Craig and Lauren Martin, home on East Fourth Street; $102,000

Castle 2020 LLC to Unitcenter, home at 1073 E. Third St.; $37,500

Kevin Anderson to Ronald Sowers, home on Jennings Avenue; $55,000

John and Kimberly Monroe to Steven Stanton, home on Summit Street; $120,000

Gerald Capel, et al, to Ethan Altomare, 6.3 acres on North Ellsworth Avenue; $43,000

Sequoia Properties to Butech Inc., commercial property (Sekely Industries) on Pennsylvania Avenue; $1.25 million

Salem Township

DGCP Holdings to Aaron Martin, property on Salmar Drive; $50,000

St. Clair Township

Russell McCloud to Jared and Dana Churchman, home on Vale Street; $175,000

Calcutta Development to Ashley and James Morgan Jr., 2.9 acres on Fieldstone Drive; $53,500

Unity Township

John Evans to Chad Dailey, 0.3 acres on Neeld Road; gift

Benjamin Riggs to John Evans, 0.4 acres on Neeld Road; gift

Benjamin Riggs to Chad Dailey, 2.6 acres on Riggs Drive; gift

Washington Township

Jeffrey Liber to Cameron and Melissa Brinker, 20 acres on U.S. Route 39; $260,000

Yellow Creek Township

Paul Windwood, et al, to Jake Miller, 6 acres on McCormick Run Road; $19,145

Paul Windwood, et al, to Aaron and Mary and Mary Hershberger, 35 acres on McCormick Run Road; $500,935

Venture Home Real Estate to Zach Paxson, home at 1201 Nicolaus Ave.; $65,000


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