Real Estate

Center Township

Tamara Saboal to Nathan Fisher, 124 acres on Thomas Road; $97,000

Randen and Rebecca McKnight to Zachary Cochran, home and 7.2 acres on state Route 172; $200,000


Jolene Mitcheltree to Wayne and Rhonda Good, home on Fairfield School Road; $143,000

James and Gloria Socciarelli to James Socciarelli, home on Metz Road; $78,400

M. Jane Ferguson to Leisa Lorenzo, home on Manor Drive; $172,000

John and Catherine Grossi to Michael Durina, condominium on Stonehaven Drive; $255,000

Craig Susany, et al, to David and Christina Yanssens, trustees, two 0.3-acre lots on Terra Verde Avenue; $60,000

WH Midwest to Ciardi Co., 0.4 acres on Hawkins Lane; $37,000

Donovan Roessler to Amerihome Mortgage Co., home on South Main Street; $30,000

Firestone Homestead to Lawrence and Besty Welch-Friend, 0.4 acres on Homestead Drive; $64,000

Charles Beiling, trustee, to Cody and Amanda Boyer, 0.4 acres on Eldon Court; $40,000

East Liverpool

Larry Davis to Sophia McNicol, home on Oakwood Avenue; $45,850

Jessie Heck to Samantha Watkins, home on Globe Street; $8,000

David and Tammy Stansbury to Stephen and Kathy Sissel, home on Etruria Street; $5,000

Frederick Maxwell Jr. to Larry Davis, home on Vine Street; $38,000

Darrin Harsh Jr. to Jeanette Hanlon, home on Holliday Street; gift

East Palestine

Harold Brewer to Taylor Townsend, home on Main Street; $45,000

Park Place Investments to Scott Frank, home at 254 Park Ave.; $4,000

Pamela Weisenberger to Dennis Smith Jr., home on Park Avenue; $79,000

Fairfield Township

Dorothy Pollock to Wayne and Carly Brock, home and 1.1 acres on Applesway Drive; $149,000

William and Regina Pflugh to Kirk and Jacqueline Pflugh, home and 3 acres on Metz Road; $80,000

Janice Cowell Trust to Jennifer and Brook Bowyer, 4.5 acres on Kirk Road; $40,000

Judy Dew to Dan and Tessa Baker, home on Kelly Park Road; $190,000

Jamiel and Carrie Radman to BMO Harris Bank, home and 1.9 acres on Kelly Park Road (sheriff’s sale); $54,499

Hanover Township

S & R Recycling to Trophy Acres of Ohio, 132 acres on Campbell Road; $149,900

Knox Township

Mike and Regina Blymiller, trustees, to Samuel and Angela Possage, home and 1.2 acres on Mountz Road; $235,000

Buzdooky Properties to Leslie Koehn, trustee, 4 acres on Center Road; $70,400

Liverpool Township

Keith and Vicky Clutter to Clayton Snyder and Christina Wall, home on Martin Street; $27,000

Danny Snider, et al, to Brandy Anderson, home on Fourth Avenue; $8,957


Adam Faulk to Trevor Sandor, home on West Washington Street; $84,900

Brian and Carol Dickson to DCS Homes, four-plex on North Market Street; $160,000

Kim and Stevie Halverstadt to Joseph Vitko and Autumn Burnett, home on East Washington Street; $119,000

Madison Township

Mark Stewart to Daniel and Lakia Moore, home and 1.4 acres on Cream Ridge Road; $120,000

Middleton Township

Bonnie Leek to Kaleb Baker and Gina Moreland, home on Scott Mill Road; $67,000

New Waterford

Timothy Smith, trustee, to Debra Danks and Stella Cook, condominium on New England Square; $96,800

Perry Township

Marcilee Crowell, trustee, to Anthony and Lillian Fossaceca, home on Hampton Place; $275,000

Brandon Ellyson to Derek and Alba Fountain, home on Beechwood Road; $147,500


Travis McDade to Jacob Edgerton, home Robin Avenue; $107,500

Tony and Pamela Fall to Paul Wilke, home on Ash Street; $135,000

Gregory and Mary Courtney to Standard Holding Co., 0.5 acres on Lexington Avenue; $25,000

Huntington National Bank to David and Deborah Blowers, home on Robin Avenue; $75,500

Rebecca Franks to George Wilson, 66 acres on Jennings Avenue; $500,000

Sean and Diane Hart to Strong Family Investments, home on Union Street; $35,000

YMG Inc. to DRSR Properties, apartment complex on Monroe Avenue; $4.4 million

Danielle Strawn to Michael Velman, home on North Ellsworth Avenue; $164,500

Thomas Marple to Freedom Mortgage, home on West Eighth Street; $49,400

Frederick and Sarah Mattix to Richard and Kimberly Semperger, home on Southeast Boulevard; $88,000

St. Clair Township

Flo Miller to Joshua McCoy and Sydney Roach, home and 1 acre on St. Clair Avenue; $145,000

Devasia and Annakutty Poriath to Judith McGraw, trustee, 0.1 acres on Lakeview Circle; $2,000


SSRR LLC to James Miller II, restaurant (Riverside Roadhouse) on Wells Avenue; $150,000

Tracey Reid to Paycyn Wood, home on Commerce Street; $3,000

West Township

Neil and Carol Lippincott to RDR Lippincott Land, 6 acres on Hanson Road; $33,900

Yellow Creek Township

Linda Lindner to Nathaniel and Kathleen Comptom, 61 acres on Old Irondale Road; $230,000

Randy Cassidy and Cindy Hampson to Randy Cassidy, home on Hillcrest Road; $76,933


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