County elevated to orange

LISBON — Due to increases in coronavirus numbers in Columbiana County, Gov. Mike DeWine’s state map increased the county’s Public Health Advisory from level one, yellow, to level two, orange.

According to the state’s numbers, new coronavirus cases in the county have increased by 61 cases over the past two weeks. That brings our two-week new case totals to 59.87 per 100,000 residents, which is high enough to meet one of the seven indicators on the states radar.

The other was due to a reported 60 percent increase in the number of non-congregate facility cases in the county over the past week. During the prior week of July 17-23, the county has had a 23.08 percent increase in that category and only a 5 percent the week before. Anything over a 50 percent in any week over a three-week period meets the indicator.

There are four levels to the advisory system with level four being the highest. Level two indicates increased exposure and spread and urges residents to exercise a higher degree of caution while continuing to follow current health orders.

Columbiana County’s overall COVID-19 numbers took a leap on Thursday, rising to 1,547, an increase of 33 since Monday. Hospitalizations and deaths have remained the same at 166 and 60.

Ohio had the biggest one-day increase in cases since the pandemic began, 1,733, for a total of 89,626. Coronavirus is blamed for 20 additional deaths for a total of 3,442 and 125 new hospitalizations for a total of 10,678.



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