Chester non-profit looks to thwart hopelessness through its efforts

Submitted photo Family Care Ministries is hoping that their inaugural Walk For The Weary can help bring some hope for the community as well as raise some money their non-profit’s efforts in the Tri-State area. Josh Lytle (not pictured), president of the non-profit, explained that he particularly is worried about the youth in the community, as suicide rates before the pandemic isolated them from their support systems were already dangerous at high levels and they are worse now. Here are some youth from the community practicing for the event, which is set for late July in Hancock County.

CHESTER, W.Va. — Suicide rates were at an all-time high (especially among youth) before the coronavirus pandemic of 2020; however, Josh Lytle said that people have only gotten more hopeless.

Family Care Ministries is hoping that its inaugural Walk For The Weary fundraising event will not only raise moneys to help with the non-profit’s efforts but also help to restore the hope in the surrounding East Liverpool area.

The Walk For The Weary is being held from noon to 3 p.m. Saturday, July 25 at the FCM’s Freedom Home and their other efforts.

“You can choose how many laps you will walk and get pledges from sponsors,” Lytle said. “The success comes from your passion for why you are involved.”

He especially encourages church youth groups and others to register either individually or as teams to walk.

The top event fundraiser, whether individual or team, will score a special prize.

Although Family Care Ministries are best known for the efforts to combat addiction in East Liverpool, he acknowledges many of “the weary” are not addicts.

However, servicing the “hopeless” costs money, and Family Care Ministries doesn’t pass that along to clients like other programs that often charge thousands of dollars for 30-day in-patient stints.

The funds raised by the event will go towards completing the campus of the Chester-based Freedom Home, which houses their female in-patient clients, but also work on potentially converting an East Liverpool structure into a potential men’s center.

Currently Lytle said males wanting similar services as the Freedom Home find themselves shipped off to either Warren or Steubenville due to the area’s lack of an appropriate facility.

Some of those families, which found themselves reunited due to the Freedom Home and the Family Care Ministries’ efforts, will be on hand to share their success stories at the June 25 event.

Recently the World Health Organization estimates only one of every 20 people who contemplates suicide actually does so. More than 80,000 people commit suicide annually, and officials expect that to double this year.

Lytle hopes to change that – especially among the youth, who seem to be even more vulnerable in these uncertain times, which find them trying to cope with life’s obstacles while trying to adjust to a new normal.

The Walk For The Weary will also include a cookout, music and a special program for the youth.

Anyone wanting to either sign up as a walker, sponsor or just inquire about the event can email info@seeinglivestransformed.com or visit the Family Care Ministries on Facebook. For more information, call 330-386-0725.


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