ELO children teaching adults lessons of love

Submitted photo Jayce Williams, 6, and his sister, Kera Williams, 4, poses with hands filled with homemade cards for residents at Calcutta Health Care Center, They took up the cause to make them smile, after hearing on the news that nursing homes had to restrict visitation due to the coronavirus and they didn’t want them to feel forgotten.

EAST LIVERPOOL — While the coronavirus crisis has brought out the worst in some people, hoarding toilet tissue and hand sanitizer, the best lessons also can be witnessed — especially courtesy of the youth.

Recently, two area children took it into their own hands to brighten some faces in their community.

Jayce and Kera Williams, the young children of Charlee and Leroy Williams of East Liverpool, delivered 150 handmade cards to the Calcutta Health Care Center and is looking to their next project.

According to mom Charlee, Jayce, 6, and Kera, 4, were watching the news and heard that hospitals and nursing homes could no longer allow visitors in an attempt to stop the virus’ spread. She continued, “Jayce and Kera were apparently listening more than we realized,” because afterwards they inquired about the “sick people didn’t have any friends” able to visit them.

The Beaver Local Elementary School and Wee The People students, along with their grandmother, came up with the idea to make cards for the residents at Calcutta Health Care Center.

Charlee Williams said the adults had hoped that not only would the experience “bring a positive impact to (residents) not able to see their families, (but) teach Jayce and Kera the importance of compassion.”

“Jayce and Kera wanted to see them smile,” she explained. “That was their main goal. They drew a picture on the front of construction paper, wrote one word of inspiration on the inside and added a sticker.”

Their “mammy,” Dar May posted the children’s project to Facebook: “For anyone’s heart that needs a hug,” she wrote. “These guys made almost 150 cards for the sick people cuz they have no friends.” They allegedly had explained to May, their grandmother that they wanted “to make the sick people smile,” she added. “How this for some happy thoughts in this time? Amen for kids.

Amber Ramsey, president of the day care where Kera is a student, wasn’t surprised by the tots’ generosity. “Both (Kera and Jayce) are absolute delights to have at our facilities (and) have hearts of gold. They come from an amazing family… who (has) taught and continue to teach them the important things in life: kindness and love,” she said, adding, “We consider ourselves blessed to have clients and families such as them. Anyone who thinks (about) others in a time of need has (my) utmost respect.”

After delivering the cards, the children received their own thank you card from the staff and residents at the center.

The tots apparently aren’t done reaching out.

May reached out on Facebook to the public. “We have our next project. We need your help. The kids will be cutting out hearts. They are going to make enough for their street (and) block. They will go from door to door and ask the people to hang them in their windows where they can be seen from outside. The reason for this is to spread the love in this terrible time,” she explained, asking also to make their own hearts to “blast Beaver and Columbiana counties with love. “We’re all hurt and scared in this terrible time, so let’s do something great.”


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