Green Township due funding for emergency gear

GREENFORD — The Green Township Fire and EMS departments are eligible for money for emergency gear related to the COVID-19 crisis.

Fire Chief/Township Administrator Todd Baird reported at the Green Township trustees meeting he has applied for $3,500 for emergency gear from FEMA and the Ohio EPA.

Baird reported the fire department lost approximately $3,000 in fundraising money due to the canceled breakfast the past weekend in response to the COVID-19 crisis.

In response to the crisis, the township has eliminated zoning office hours and the fire department has been closed to the public.

Baird reported eight trees along Egypt Road have been removed. Trustees last month approved $2,000 for Baird Bros. to remove one tree on South Egypt Road and seven on North Egypt Road.

Baird also reported the new phone system has been installed at the township buildings. Trustees last month approved $4,005 for Datacom to install the system including seven phones for the township buildings and a messaging service that can be accessed through email or personal cell phone. The new system does not interfere with the fire department and the phone numbers have not changed.

Also at the meeting, trustees agreed to have Witmers Construction of Washingtonville evaluate the gazebo in the Greenford square. Baird reported last month the gazebo is leaning toward the south. Trustee Dave Slagle said he wants to see a bandstand put back in like in the past.

Trustees also approved $1,289 for tires from Horst Tire in New Waterford for the road department back hoe.

Additionally, Baird reported he has applied for a FEMA grant of $238,120 with the township share of $11,339 and $8,720 for multi-band radios with the township share of $2,320. He has also applied for an EMS grant for reimbursement for training and supplies.

The next regular trustees meeting is scheduled for 7 p.m. April 28 at the community building.



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