Crestview nears goal in fundraising for turf project

NEW WATERFORD — The turf for the football field at Crestview could be a reality this year.

Athletic director Paul Cusick said he had put a self-imposed deadline of St. Patrick’s Day to raise $400,000 for the project. As of March 11, there was $360,000 in pledges and donations received. Additionally, there were more people considering donating, Cusick said, with people contacting him even during the board meeting. Additionally, people are joining a 300 Club which will keep the donations going at a rate of $200 per year per person for five years.

“It’s been very positive,” Cusick said. “It’s not about five games on Fridays.”

Instead, Cusick noted the field project will be used by the community, by the baseball and softball teams for spring practices, the soccer teams if they choose, recesses for students and the marching band. Among those donations accepted at the recent board meeting were gifts from the Crestview Music Boosters, the drivers at the Crestview bus garage and former athletic director Andris Baltputnis.

Although the project is estimated to cost even more than the $400,000, the board has called a special meeting at 5 p.m. Wednesday as it intends to meet with two or three of the turf companies interested in offering proposals for the project. Superintendent Matthew Manley said this is a necessary step to get the field done this year.

“Myron’s (Wehr) generous donation was just the beginning,” Superintendent Matthew Manley said of the Wehr family’s $100,000 donation in December that started the money coming in for the project. “We’re impressed with the work of the committee.”

Manley went on to say companies and others from the community have continued to give and those things that were up for naming rights for $50,000 and $25,000 have been spoken for, while there remains some $5,000 donation slots for naming rights. The committee also is still accepting donations in smaller amounts.

“Someone donated $50,000,” Manley said, “and it brought me to tears to hear how they talked about the district. We’re extremely grateful for everyone’s help.”



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