Wellsville ascends to No. 1

Village is most expensive place to live in county in terms of property taxes

LISBON — Wellsville has replaced Washingtonville as the most expensive place to live in Columbiana County when it comes to property taxes.

The owner of a $100,000 home in Wellsville will pay $1,665 in year in property taxes in 2020, according to a review of property tax rates performed by the county auditor’s office at the request of the Journal. Washingtonville fell to second place at $1,581.

Rounding out the top five are East Liverpool ($1,570), St. Clair Township/Beaver Local school district ($1,552) and Liverpool Township/ East Liverpool school district, ($1,496).

The chief reason for Wellsville’s rise to the top is a new 6-mill fire levy approved by village voters in the November general election and which took effect in January. Likely another contributing factor is the fact residential property values increased countywide by an average of 10 percent this year resulting from the latest revaluation performed by the state every six years. This revaluation is based on actual sales versus what the county auditor’s office has the property valued at.

The exceptions are the city of Columbiana and St. Clair Township, where the state increased values by an average 14 percent in 2020 because homes and property were selling for considerably more than elsewhere in the county.

Washingontville’s property taxes declined by $119 this year per $100,000 home, likely because the automatic reduction factor that affects all levies. The reduction factor requires levy millage be lowered so the levy continues to generate what was brought in when first passed by voters, even as property values increase.

The cheapest place to live in terms of property taxes is anywhere in the United Local school district. The five cheapest in terms of property taxes paid on a $100,000 home, all of which are in the United Local district, are: Salem Township ($1,048), Center Township ($1,093), Salem Township/New Waterford Fire District ($1,101), Hanover Township ($1,135) and Hanoverton ($1,146).

Property taxes are based on 35 percent of the value of your home as determined by the auditor’s office, which means the owner of a $100,000 home is only taxed on $35,000 of that value. A mill, or levy, is a property tax of $1 per $1,000 taxable value, so every mill assessed against a $100,000 home generates $35 in property taxes.

Your tax rate is based on a complicated formula that takes into account property values, the amount of millage — both voted and unvoted — and the abovementioned reduction factor that automatically lowers property taxes.

Since property values of all communities and school districts differ, the amount of property taxes generated per mill also varies. Following is what 1 mill would generate in each school district in 2020:

School District Amount

Beaver Local $288,673

Columbiana $204,858

Crestview $127,955

East Liverpool $175,663

East Palestine $137,895

Leetonia $84,285

Lisbon $95,842

Salem $328,786

Southern Local $140,460

United Local $274,427

Wellsville $54,116



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