Warden moves up, deputy takes over

LISBON — Columbiana County jail warden Mike Curley has taken another job with the company that operates the facility, and replacing him is deputy warden Tom Mackie.

David L. Stanfield, the Correctional Solutions Group’s chief operating officer, said Curley was named their regional operations director, where he will use his 27 months as jail warden and 30 years with the Michigan Department of Corrections to help as needed with training, quality control and operational issues at other CSG-run facilities. He is currently at the company’s Lincoln County jail in New Mexico.

Stanfield retained Curley when CSG assumed jail operations last July. The company was hired by county commissioners to replace GEO Group Corrections and Detention, which hired Curley in November 2017. Curley, who represented the sixth warden in the previous 24 months when hired, brought relative stability to the position.

Shortly after winning the contract, CSG brought in Mackie, another retiree from the Michigan Department of Corrections, where he worked with Curley. Both served as prison wardens during their time there.

“Tom obviously has 30 years with the Michigan Department of Corrections. He’s been a major asset since he first arrived,” Stanfield said.

Mackie and Curley teamed up last year to make changes at the jail, both big and small. Mackie, 55, said he will continue with those efforts to create a better environment for inmates and improved working conditions for staff.

“I’m look forward to working with our staff. We have some good people,” he said.

This will include some operational tweaks and cosmetic improvements for the 23-year-old maximum security jail wing. Commissioners are already planning to give the nearly 50-year-old minimum security wing a complete facelift.

“Those things will be a priority,” Mackie said.

Stanfield said Mackie is a great communicator and he will put those skills to use as he keeps the lines of communication open with commissioners and county Sheriff Ray Stone and his staff.

“He’s (Mackie) a team player, and there will be a strong (emphasis) on transparency, which we already are anyway,” he said. “I think Tom already has a great relationship with the sheriff.”



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