Real Estate

Butler Township

WBT Land LLC to DJH Land LLC, 82 acres on North Price Road; $789,958

Center Township

Bessie Clark to MIPAPA LLC, home on Harvey; $40,000

East Liverpool

Danielle Leger to JP Morgan Mortgage Acquisition, home on Surry Road; $44,080

East Palestine

Deborah E. Riggs to U.S. Bank Trust. home on North Market Street; $37,961

Fairfield Township

U.S. Bank National Association to 2019 Castle LLC, home at 4666 state Route 7; $23,500

Charles Beiling Trust to Nancy K. Ventresco, 1.4 acres on Bunker Hill Road; $6,600

Hanover Township

Michael F. Orosz to Susan Sowers, home and 1 acre on Mountz Road; $45,500

Reverse Mortgage Funding to James W. Sechler, home on Spillway Road; $28,000

April D. Brown to Judith Cox, manufactured home on state Route 644; $2,000

Liverpool Township

Joann Taylor and Ronald Burnes to Lindsay Frantz, home on Sherwood; $2,000

Knox Township

Vincent Butch to Bonnie Detchon, home on North Street; $90,000

George and Suzanne Thompson to Scott Thompson, home on Hartley Road; $173,000


Lance E. Gillam to Jonathan M. Brown, home on Somer Street; $79,900

Liverpool Township

Junior R. Skinner to Donald and Donna Lyle, home on Imperial Drive; $75,000

Madison Township

JN Leasing LLC to Gary and Joy Dailey, 20 acres on Black Road; $89,300

Middleton Township

Stanley and Debra Cwynar to Larry and Tammy McElhaney, home and three lots on Ottawa Trail; $90,000

Tribe Land LLC and NEO Group1 LLC to Curtis and Sarah Cross, home and 12 acres on Peace Valley Road; $145,000


James Fattler estate to Streetsboro Realty Partners, condominium on South Lincoln Avenue; $28,000

FDT Properties to Beverly Facemier, home on Oak Street; $64,500

Continental Drive LLC to TQTD LLC, homes at 595-607 Continental Drive; $425,000

HSBC Bank USA to Castle 2020 LLC, home on Maple Street; $8,459

Carol S. Jackson to Wells Fargo Bank, home on Washington Avenue; $30,000

Jeffrey R. Schreiber to Andrew and Ivah Troyer, home on East State; $20,000

Salem Township

Michael and Lacey Madison to Laura and Michael Witmer, trustees, home and 1.6 acres on Orchard Court; $525,000

Timothy P. Jones, trustee, to Sean and Nicole Gaither, home on Cunningham Road; $206,000

St. Clair Township

Rebecca Deighan to Hager Hackney Jr., home on Ivan Court; $172,000

Christine and Samuel Patterson Jr. to Logan and Erica Urich, home and 2 acres on Sprucevale Road; $175,000

Unity Township

Dean F. Baker to Dale E. Neuenschwander, home on Macklin Road; $38,500

Washington Township

Michelle Parson, et al, to Scott A. Steele, 71 acres on Osbourne Road; $199,155

Wayne Township

Ella E. Wengerd to David C. Galloway, house trailer and 3.8 acres on Gavers; $105,050


Cassius LLC to John A. Wright, home at 991 Main St.; $7,500

West Township

Jason and Corinne Fiehler to Jesus J. Sturgeon, et al, home and 11 acres on Lowmiller Road; $435,0000

Yellow Creek Township

Jack Kudary to Tim and Terry Woyan, 2.8 acres on Oak Grove Road; $5,000


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