Goshen trustees hear status of vacant land parcels

GOSHEN TOWNSHIP — Township trustees are a little closer to cleaning up a Garfield property.

Trustee Chair Bob McCracken reported this week three parcels of land adjacent to the property at 13810 S. Pricetown Road (state Route 534) north of Damascus is currently owned by a company but are in foreclosure. Once the foreclosure process is complete, the parcels can be turned over to the township and added to the property that the Mahoning County Land Bank has already turned over to the township.

McCracken said the prosecutor’s office told him approximately three weeks ago the foreclosure process would take four to six weeks. The parcels can then be turned over to the township and added to the property original property on which sits a vacant home. The back taxes on the property total over $16,000, but will be forgiven once the township takes possession.

McCracken mentioned the parcels last month during an update, noting an interested buyer owns the property on the other side of the parcels and would only consider buying the property turned over by the land bank if the township could secure the other parcels.

Trustees plan to raze the home and clean up the property at a cost of $8,500, then sell it for the same cost. The home has been sitting empty for several years and the trustees viewed accepting ownership of the property the easiest way to clean it up.

McCracken said there are two interested buyers in the property with the additional parcels.



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