Emergency phone number will be disconnected in Winona

WINONA – Citizens of Butler and Salem townships and neighboring fire departments, EMAs, 911 dispatch center and alarm companies are being notified that the 330-222-1234 emergency contact number is being permanently disconnected. The new numbers for the Winona Fire Dept. is 330-424-7255 with 330-424-7256 as an alternate.

The change is due to constant increase of fees, amount of robo/solicitation calls and a lack of receiving emergency calls on that line. Since 911 was established, the Winona FD reports receiving less than 1 percent emergency notifications on that line.

Should 911 go down, the Winona FD suggest contacting its social media pages, local TV and radio stations for emergency numbers or to contact the Columbiana County Sheriff’s Office at 330-424-7255, which is the Winona FD’s dispatch center.

Those with non-emergency questions may contact the FD, which is not staffed, at 330-222-1524 and leave a message. If there is an urgent message, contact the sheriff’s office and contact will be made with a fire department officer.


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