State Briefing

Algae blooms cancels river swim

CINCINNATI — The Great Ohio River Swim has been canceled due to the harmful algal bloom that could endanger swimmers’ health. Organizers canceled the event Tuesday after it was postponed from late September to Oct. 13. The race is scheduled to return in 2020. . Greater Cincinnati Water Works says the ongoing bloom of blue-green algae does not endanger residents’ drink water. The city’s health department says anyone swimming, boating or fishing could potentially be at risk of exposure. Health officials have warned that people encountering the harmful algae can have an array of reactions including irradiated skin and eyes as well as cause stomach cramps, headache and difficulty breathing.

No more king or queen at school

MILFORD — An Ohio high school has elected two female students as its homecoming royalty instead of having a male king and female queen. Students Abbey Stropes and Trinity Miller were elected to the top spots of Milford High School’s homecoming court at Friday night’s football game. Both girls held scepters instead of wearing crowns. According to a statement, the eastern Cincinnati suburb’s school will use the term “Homecoming Royalty” instead of king and queen from now on. The school says they made this change in terminology to ensure every student feels included.

Fired weatherman indicted

COLUMBUS — A former television weatherman in Ohio has been indicted on charges related to what prosecutors say were downloaded pornographic images depicting children. Franklin County Prosecutor Ron O’Brien said the charges in Wednesday’s indictment against 60-year-old Mike Davis involve the four “most egregious images” of children engaged in sexual activity. O’Brien said Davis downloaded and emailed the images to himself between October 2018 and this September. Davis worked at WBNS-TV in Columbus more than three decades. Acounty task force began investigating Davis after receiving a tip from the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children that an email address linked to Davis had downloaded a significant amount of suspected child pornography.