Lisbon paving project readied

LISBON — The resurfacing of Lincoln Way by the Ohio Department of Transportation is to begin Oct. 16.

Village Street Supervisor Jim Oliver reported at Tuesday’s village council meeting the work is expected to take three days, and that includes grinding and resurfacing. The portion of U.S. Route 30 that runs through town as Lincoln Way is the responsibility of ODOT.

Uneven manhole risers have been a problem since the last resurfacing of Lincoln Way, especially the eastern portion. Oliver said they have already purchased new risers for ODOT to install as part of the project.

“No more year-round potholes they call manholes,” quipped Councilman Jerry Cox.

In other action, senior water plant operator Chris Peterson told council that he and Oliver will work to patch the potholes in the brick alley behind the New Lisbon Presbyterian Church. Church representative Dave Cranmer attended the previous meeting to ask them to make the repairs.

Cranmer also said his examination of the pipe under the alley indicated the presence of sewage mixed with stormwater, which indicates they are being discharged into the same line. Peterson said that was indeed the case, and he and Oliver are working on a plan for separating the two next year.

Councilman Ryan Berg reported he and zoning/building inspector Zach Barkley are still working to reduce the cost of contracting with Pittsburgh-based on Environmental Planning & Design to help update the village’s zoning code. The company proposed charging the village $11,160, but to save the village money he and Barkley have been removing items either deemed unnecessary or things they can do themselves. This reduced the cost to $5,499 but they are not done, he said. Once they are, council will be asked to approve the contract.

Council also agreed to close the South Park Avenue section of the town square during the evening of Dec. 7 for the downtown light-up night at 5 p.m., followed by the Christmas parade at 6 p.m.

Parks supervisor Dana Blackburn reported the men’s restroom door at Willow Grove Park had been deliberately bent but they managed to get it shut, and it has been locked since as a precaution. Resident Herb Chesney offered to fix the door, and Councilman Jerry Cox suggested installing a series of trail cameras as the park.

Blackburn also told council she is working with village Fiscal Officer Tracey Wonner, who also serves as council clerk, for cheaper alternatives to the current AT&T landline phone service at the swimming pool, which is costing them $158 a month.

AT&T no longer allows the pool to put the phone “on vacation” during the nine months when the pool is closed, which means the village is paying $158 per month year round. Wonner is looking into switching to another carrier.

“We’re just trying to trim fat the best we can,” Blackburn said.

Council agreed, on Cox’s recommendation, to make $3,100 in improvements to the front room at the fire department, which include a new paint job and flooring. The cost will be split three ways with Center and Elkrun townships, which contract with Lisbon for fire service.



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