East Palestine decides to replace bridge

EAST PALESTINE — Village Manager Mark McTrustry announced at Monday’s village council meeting that East Palestine has applied for the Ohio Department of Transportation municipal bridge grant for the bridge at Park Drive.

They have applied for a 95 percent grant with a 5 percent match, as well as a 100 percent grant, which would not include engineering costs.

The bridge has been listed as structurally deficient by ODOT, which means the bridge is still safe but it needs maintenance. Acting Mayor Alan Cohen cautioned council that the replacement bridge would not be the iconic, old bridge that they grew up with.

“If it just needs repaired, do we really want to replace a bridge that does not need replaced,” Cohen said. “We may not like what it’s replaced with.”

After discussion, council decided that the need for a new bridge outweighed the iconic significance.

In other business, the waste water treatment plan project is 90 percent engineering complete. It was submitted and approved by the EPA. McTrustry said that hopefully everything will be wrapped up by the end of this year and ready to be bid upon at the start of next year. Council also approved the title work for the project to be done by McMillan Abstract.

The plan to replace sidewalks on North Street, West Street and East Street as part of the Safe Rides to School project is 60 percent complete.

The next meeting will be at 7 p.m. Oct. 28.