Salem Township discusses road repair

SALEM TWP. — Township trustees are considering another method for strengthening the bad sections on Conkle Road before next year’s chip and seal project, now weighing the cost and value of blacktop vs. a double dose of liquid asphalt and gravel for the repairs.

Trustee John Wilms said if they still decide to use blacktop on the bad spots, they should get a quote from a company to do it for them because the job would be time-consuming for the township, especially the trips just going back and forth to get the blacktop. He also raised another idea, though, saying if a company double-sealed the spots with chip and seal, which is basically liquid asphalt and gravel, that would be even stronger.

He talked to an area company about the idea and told Road Foreman Jason Entrikin that the township would have to prepare the road as smooth as possible. The work could be done in a day. He said he wants to check on chip and seal for the trouble spots and asked Entrikin to get him the measurements for what they’ll need. He’ll also get a price for blacktop and do a comparison.

Trustees Ray Heddleson and Bill Heston agreed with the idea of using double chip and seal. At the last meeting in August, trustees agreed to spend up to $10,000 for the repairs so the road is stronger for next year when it’s on the list for chip and seal through Columbiana County. The entire length will be done from Salem Grange to Gromley roads. Conkle Road had been originally scheduled for chip and seal this year, but since the township was first on the list, there wasn’t enough time to get the prep work done.

In other business, the trustees agreed to put the township’s old pothole patcher up for auction by advertising it in the Ohio Township Association magazine which comes out every two months. Heston said that for $20, the township can place the ad and include a photograph of the machine. The ad will go online, too.

The thinking was that another township may be able to use the machine, with Wilms acknowledging the township got a lot of service out of that patcher and Entrikin kept it running. The patcher is available if there’s another township or government entity interested in making the purchase.

Entrikin reported needing mower blades, with an estimated cost of $350 for two sets of blades for each of the two mowers, which trustees approved. Trustees also gave the go-ahead to have the dump bed on one of the trucks repaired at a cost of $2,850.

Constable Dan Valentine reported issues with his cell phone and told trustees he learned from Verizon that as a government agency, they’re entitled to free phones every 10 months. He said he was told the township could get three new cell phones, one for him and two for the road workers, at no additional cost on their bill. He also said for $1 per month per phone, the phones could have wireless priority during a time of significant emergency. Trustees said to go ahead. The monthly bill will increase just $3, going from $117 to $120.

The next Board of Trustees meeting for Salem Township will be 7 p.m. Sept. 24 at the administration building off of state Route 558 in Franklin Square. Valentine said they could talk about trick-or-treat hours for Halloween then.



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