Main Salem street to close

SALEM — The South Lincoln Avenue railroad crossing will be closed starting next week for repairs, forcing motorists who cross those tracks to find a different route for two weeks or more.

Salem City Service/Safety Director Ken Kenst announced the closing after learning about it from the police department Thursday. A representative for the railroad reportedly called police dispatch to make the notification. Kenst said he hasn’t been notified directly by the rail company.

He didn’t know what day the work would begin, but said he’ll be contacting the school district and Fresh Mark to make sure they are aware. Work had been done recently in Leetonia.

“We’re fortunate there’s only one crossing closing,” Kenst said.

During a previous project, the railroad closed all the crossings in the city at the same time. He said motorists can use the South Ellsworth Avenue crossing. He was told the project will take at least two weeks but there’s no guarantee on the timetable, depending on when the project by Norfolk Southern starts.

“The city has no control over their schedule or the length of closure,” he said.

The railroad is a separate entity and has the power to work on the tracks when necessary, which at times includes closing crossings while work is being done.

“People just have to be patient,” Kenst said.


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