Mail drop frustrates Cedar Run residents

COLUMBIANA — A group of residents in the Cedar Run development are not happy with a change in their mail delivery, and went to council this week to plead their case.

Juniper Drive resident Amy Tardio spoke on their behalf during the meeting. She said the U.S. Postal Service has decided to install a cluster box at the development, resulting in no more home delivery of mail.

“We find it to be extremely unfair. We kind of want to have our mailboxes,” she said.

Tardio provided council with a copy of the letter the local postmaster sent back in May announcing the cluster box, and also provided council with a copy of a letter that was sent back to the postmaster from the residents who were opposed.

According to the May letter, Columbiana postmaster Denise Serensky said the postal service revised the postal operations manual in April of 2012, and as a result, the delivery of mail to all new developments is centralized delivery, most often resulting in cluster box units.

Serensky also stated in the letter that the postal manual states that “door delivery will generally not be available for new delivery points. Newly established or extended business or residential customers must request and receive approval of the delivery location and mode of delivery from the local postmaster or district designee.”

The letter went on to state that new deliveries will not receive mail delivery service until the mail receptacles are installed and the units and locations approved by the local postal management.

The postal service is not responsible for providing the mail receptacle, rather that is the responsibility of the developer, the letter also stated.

“You will continue to receive curbside mailbox delivery until June 29. If that time the cluster box units are not installed, your mail will be available for you to pick up, temporarily, at the post office at 149 S. Main St.,” the letter said.

Tardio said the cluster boxes have not been installed yet and that it is difficult to pick up mail at the post office, since she can’t always get there each day.

She and the other four residents affected sent a letter of response to Serensky on Aug. 20 outlining their case.

“It is our understanding that the plans for this development were submitted to and approved by the city of Columbiana prior to any lots being sold. Those plans do not include cluster boxes. We purchased the property with the understanding that we would have individual home mail delivery consistent with adjoining residential developments. We object to cluster boxes in our single family residential development and respectfully request that home mail delivery service resume,” they said in the letter.

Councilman Dick McBane told Tardio there isn’t necessarily anything the city can do about the situation since it is a postal service issue.

City Manager Lance Willard said he has been in contact with the Cedar Run developer about it.

Councilman Skip Liston recommended Tardio and the neighbors get in touch with their elected officials at the state level to see if they could possibly intervene.

“Let them know you really aren’t satisfied,” he said.

Council members agreed they want to be kept informed about what happens.



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